Auther is an online platform allowing businesses to identify customers by biometrics, store customer's biometric, and protect biometric against illegal usage by 3rd parties. We provide all the infrastructure necessary for the secure storage of biometric data. Regarding the fast-changing world, Auther Check has now switched to an online mood. The connection to the Auther Check service is essential. Our goal is to make facial recognition simple and affordable for many businesses. We are the first company in Ukraine and the second in Europe that has updated the transactions with facial recognition technology for the retail industry. We are entrepreneurs, developers, and product managers who spent time building Auther to be friendly for developers and cost-effective for the business. We are very pleased to be noticed by startup rating agencies, which out of thousands of startups around the world have marked us as a team that has the potential for global expansion and growth.

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Tallinn, Estonia

Founded in 2019

1-10 Employees

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IT, Software and Services

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Ownership structure

Privately Held


2 Locations

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5 Products

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1 Service

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Facial authentication, Cloud facial recognition API, Biometric authentication provider, SaaS, 3D liveness check, Biometric for transportation, Biometric for retail, Biometric for finance, Biometric for aviation, Biometric for self-service

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Product: Forest - Webflow HTML website template


Forest - Webflow HTML website template

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Product: Forest - Webflow HTML website template


Forest - Webflow HTML website template

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Product: Solutions



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Product: Biometric payments


Biometric payments

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Product: Automated upsell system


Automated upsell system

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Product: Loyalty program extension


Loyalty program extension

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UseCase: Usecases

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Use cases is better. | Subscribe for updates | Biometric payments in Tbilisi subway | Biometric authentication within ATM

UseCase: Coffee shop - loyalty program

Use case

Coffee shop - loyalty program

Biometric payments in Tbilisi subway | Subscribe for updates

Headquarter of operates in 2 countries around the world

City: Tallinn

State: Harju maakond

Country: Estonia

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Harju maakond


Ukraine Office


Lviv Oblast


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The company headquarter of is located in Tallinn, Harju maakond, Estonia. has subsidiaries in Ukraine

As of the latest available information has around 1-10 employees worldwide. was founded in 2019

The company has it's main focus in the industries of IT, Software and Services

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AuthMe's Logo


Taipei, Taiwan

11-50 Employees


Unlock unparalleled security with Authme’s AI-powered Identity Verification and Zero Trust Solutions. Authme revolutionizes identity verification with seamless integration, achieving unmatched security, efficiency, and compliance. Authme’s advanced OCR and AI liveness detection set the gold standard with international certifications. Partnered with Authme, Wistron has fearlessly expanded its business into diverse industries, assured of top-notch security measures. In 2021, Authme was selected by Cathay Financial Holding as the Future Unicorn of AI Identity Verification from among over 800 global startups. With the Authme eKYC solution, account opening is now a breeze. Authme Collaborates with Richart to Introduce “AI Liveness Detection Technology”. Authme Utilizes AI KYC System to Assist the Asian Banking Industry in Defending Against Emerging Fraud.'s Logo

Munich, Germany

11-50 Employees


Authoreon was founded in April 2017 with the goal of decentralizing Authorization, Authentication, Verification & Certification for consumers, corporations, governments & organizations. The Authoreon team consists of highly motivated and experienced experts in all relevant disciplines. Authoreon’s core development is the A-ID, the world’s first machine-readable optical label on the blockchain, that enables you to verify, authorize, authenticate or certify any identity or asset – fast, seamlessly and securely on the Blockchain. The Authoreon NanoLense is a portable microscope extension for your smartphone required to capture micro-scans and verify original products. The Authoreon NanoCam is a portable/static microscope camera for industrial use required to capture micro-scans of original products. Authoreons’ A-ID and optical scan technology allows Original Product Verification, Authorized Retailer Verification, Identity Verification, Supply Chain & Ownership Chain Tracking – securely on the Blockchain. Through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Authoreon raised $1.5m to cover the development costs.

AuthBridge's Logo


Gurugram District, India

501-1000 Employees


Our products are a result of the marriage between compliance and technology. All our products are built on AI-driven technologies like facial recognition, liveness detection, data extraction and optical character recognition to verify national identity documents, educational and professional documents. We are data security compliant and use our proprietary database along with public databases for instant searches and verification. AuthBridge is trusted by over 2,000 clients in 140 countries for their background check needs. AuthBridge conducts an impressive volume of 15 million background checks every month. AuthBridge helps you with fast, friendly, and comprehensive background checks – smarter in every way. To be the global benchmark in products and solutions that build trust in people and alliances. The driving force behind our mission to be the best.

Accuauth Technologies's Logo

Accuauth Technologies

Gurugram District, India

11-50 Employees


The Accuauth story begins two years ago as a SaaS (Software as a Service) product-based company with offices in Gurgaon and Bangalore, started in June 2018. We are agile and quick in delivering quality to everyone.We try better ways through creative ideas from everyone. We started by providing banking and business intelligence solutions, set out to create products that empower lending institutions and corporates with cloud-based solutions for informed and intelligent decisions. Provide new sources of digital data to enable financial service providers to access and serve new and underserved market segments. Expert of Anti-fraud, use AI to disrupt and transform businesses for a better delivery of information, products and services. Instead of collaborating with multiple providers, connect with us for a complete solution of an API-driven automation that requires no manual intervention. It is a widespread technology to recognize text inside images, such as scanned documents and photos.

Aithent's Logo


New York, United States

251-500 Employees


Aithent has helped advance operational efficiency and performance by developing and applying technology in uniquely effective ways. Since 1991, Aithent has helped advance operational efficiency and performance by developing and applying technology in uniquely effective ways. Aithent Dispute Manager can be shared by geographically dispersed branches and call centers ensuring that every dispute is investigated in the same way, maintaining your institution’s brand image. Aithent recognized as a “Most Preferred Workplace of 2022-23”. Aithent was recently recognized as a “Most Preferred Workplace 2022-23,” presented by management consulting firm Team Marksmen, in association with Media Partner India Today. Before implementing the Aithent system we did not take credit cards, with the system in place we now take walk in credit cards, online credit cards and e-checks which has significantly reduced our workload processing manual checks. The staff at Aithent has been great, as they have been easy to reach and they are proactive and friendly.”. Prior to installing Aithent, we were using a home-grown Access database that was essentially just a record keeping system.

Authenticate™'s Logo


Santa Monica, United States

1-10 Employees


uthenticate™ any photo ID or passport from 203 countries and territories with optional facial recognition, liveness detection, knowledge quizzes & background checks. Verify Inputs and Score Inputs provide input matching and scoring data to identify real users and determine risk. Daily population monitoring for arrests, warrants, imprisonments, license suspensions or revocations, sanctions, global watch lists and more. uthenticate employment, education & professional licenses through authoritative database checks & verification at the source. Our hosted UI, APIs & SDKs are a joy to work with.

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