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We are a recruitment agency dedicated to recruiting and connecting Beauty Therapists and Professionals in the Health & Wellness industry with ideal job opportunities. Whatever your needs, Beautician & Physician is here to effortlessly fill salon vacancies with the best professionals in the Aesthetic Industry. Finding the perfect Skincare & Aesthetic Therapy vacancies available in the industry. Offering various Marketing and Digital Marketing Tools to help your Health & Wellness Business reach new heights. Advertising Job Vacancies and connecting you with the perfect candidates.

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Cape Town, South Africa

Founded in 2019

1-10 Employees

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Working industry

Human Resources

Type of company

Service provider

Ownership structure

Privately Held


1 Headquarter

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1 Service

Specialised areas

recruitment, medical aesthetics, somatologists, laser therapists, physician assistants, beauty therapist, aestheticians, estheticians, aesthetic therapist, plastic surgery

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Product: Aesthetic Practice Consulting & Digital Marketing Services


Aesthetic Practice Consulting & Digital Marketing Services

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Headquarter of Beautician and Physician

Beautician and Physician operates in 1 country around the world

City: Cape Town

State: Western Cape

Country: South Africa

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South Africa

Western Cape

Cape Town

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Beautician and Physician

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The company headquarter of Beautician and Physician is located in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. It's worth noting, that the company may have more locations

As of the latest available information Beautician and Physician has around 1-10 employees worldwide.

Beautician and Physician was founded in 2019

The company Beautician and Physician has it's main focus in the industries of Human Resources

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We develop effective, diverse, highly skilled teams and cultures. We are passionate about brands, products, and innovation; and truly believe that this is the best industry to work in, our survey results prove that you all love it as well! We share our client’s passion for products and innovation and understand the skills, pressures and processes involved. We’re the leading global beauty, cosmetics & personal care recruitment agency. As the leading Beauty and Cosmetic Recruitment Agency, we work with companies all along the beauty and cosmetics product lifecycle. Raw Materials, Packaging, Manufacture, Brands, Distribution & Retail. As a leader in our field, we consistently provide market leading service and knowhow.

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We are only too happy to answer your queries. This site was really built with you in mind and we hope you will find it useful. This has resulted in a high demand for cosmetic treatment services, leading to the opening of many cosmetic clinics around here. If you’re currently a salon therapist, heading towards a management career is a significant way of gaining an advantage over your peers. Due to the high number of cosmetic clinics, it has become very challenging for most people to select the right cosmetic clinic to visit whenever they need cosmetic treatment. For this reason, you must ensure that the cosmetic clinic you select is the right one to get your cosmetic treatment done. One of the qualities that make the best cosmetic clinics is a team of highly experienced and competent staff. This is why you should visit a cosmetic clinic offering a realistic treatment plan with achievable results.



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We are the future of beauty trade.We are one of the fastest growing global distributors for the at-home beauty and skincare device industry. We’ve been committed to successfully providing solutions ranging from import and logistics solutions, regulatory compliance, distribution, sales, digital, design and development of some of the most innovative and disruptive beauty and personal care brands in the industry. And we definitely don’t provide any old service. We’re built on trust, so we work with a very carefully curated selection of brands and products. Sit back, and continue developing disruptive technologies and groundbreaking products. Either way, there’s no part of the sales, marketing, production, logistics or media funnel we can’t tailor to your specific goals or needs.

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