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DeepTranslate adheres to its mission statement and continues to provide quality translations with the backing of a team of AI deep learning specialists, with industry leading experts Prof. If there are any multi-round revisions, DeepTranslate can also handle the comparison and translation of the differences.

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Hong Kong Island, China

Founded in 2018

11-50 Employees

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Privately Held


1 Headquarter

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6 Products

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2 Services

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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Translation, Financial Publishing, Translation Service, Translation & Localization

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DeepTranslate Limited offers a wide range of products and services

Product: Solutions -


Solutions -

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Product: Feature: ESG Reports (III) – Make ESG Translation EASY -


Feature: ESG Reports (III) – Make ESG Translation EASY -

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Product: DeepTranslate featured at the Asian Financial Forum -


DeepTranslate featured at the Asian Financial Forum -

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Product: Features -


Features -

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Product: Latest Innovative Development by HKEX -


Latest Innovative Development by HKEX -

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Product: A Green AI Translation Technology for Paperless Office -


A Green AI Translation Technology for Paperless Office -

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Product: DeepTranslate shares latest development on-air! -


DeepTranslate shares latest development on-air! -

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Product: GBA Innovation Summit -


GBA Innovation Summit -

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UseCase: 2023 Hong Kong ESG Reporting Awards (HERA): Applications Open for Submissions! -

Use case

2023 Hong Kong ESG Reporting Awards (HERA): Applications Open for Submissions! -

Published on 13 June 2023 by Kyle Chu DeepTranslate will be a supporting organisation for the 6th annual Hong Kong ESG Reporting Awards (HERA) 2023.

Headquarter of DeepTranslate Limited

DeepTranslate Limited operates in 1 country around the world

City: Hong Kong Island

State: Hong Kong

Country: China

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong Island

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The company headquarter of DeepTranslate Limited is located in Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong, China. It's worth noting, that the company may have more locations

As of the latest available information DeepTranslate Limited has around 11-50 employees worldwide.

DeepTranslate Limited was founded in 2018

The company DeepTranslate Limited has it's main focus in the industries of Other

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London, United Kingdom

11-50 Employees


At DailyTranslate – your seamless localization solution, we are committed to delivering exceptional language services that optimize accuracy and efficiency, empowering your business communication across various documents. We are ready to take you there with our global language services. DailyTranslate is a specialised translation services agency that provides professional translation and other language-related services across a diverse range of industries. Our globally certified team of multilingual experts stands ready 24/7 to offer translation and language-based services in more than 100 languages, executed swiftly and professionally. Catering to local businesses and global enterprises alike, our professionals consistently deliver high-quality results that meet deadlines on every occasion. We continuously explore new and inventive approaches to address various tasks, guaranteeing that we provide only the highest calibre of service to our clients at the most competitive rates. Rest assured, if your needs pertain to translation services, DailyTranslate is your solution. Receive the files back, professionally translated and in the same format as the source file.'s Logo

Nes Ziona, Israel

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Specializing in translation, localization, editing, proofreading, copywriting, DTP, content and consulting services in a variety of languages, is a client-centric, creative and agile translation and content agency, providing a 360-solution to help enterprises around the world publish quality content in every language. The best tech-savvy translators harnessing the latest technologies in order to humanize machine translations, making your message concise, native and natural in any language. The AI-powered machine translation of today is very different from its previous incarnations. Where is machine translation currently, and where is it heading? Making a place for your product in a new locale will often hang on the way you present yourself. We’re here to make sure nothing gets lost in translation. We help leading tech companies overcome language barriers and use the right words to to create connections between people, cultures and communities, making innovation universal. On-point.Helping tech innovators and market leaders deliver the right message with premium translations, localization and content.

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Traduality Language Solutions

Apodaca, Mexico

1-10 Employees


Delegate entire projects to Traduality’s translation project managers with a single click. Delegating projects to Traduality excels in providing exceptional service: timely, friendly, and professional. Use Traduality to manage projects while you focus on metrics that truly matter to you. To be the world’s leading platform for translation services, harnessing the efficiency of AI and the nuance of human creativity to enable businesses to achieve their global expansion goals faster, safer, and more cost-effectively than ever before. With over 13 years of experience in the translation industry, Diego is a qualified language scientist and language operations expert passionate about using language services as tools for productivity and revenue. With a strong background in language operations, Daniela is the head of the PM team having successfully led projects in domains all across the board, focusing on getting the most out of project resources. Eli is a passionate and creative marketer and copywriter with translation industry focus. We believe that everyone, regardless of culture and language, should be given the opportunity to enjoy their job and work relationships.

Translate.One's Logo


Atlanta, United States

51-100 Employees


Translate.One offers innovative language solutions for corporations worldwide. Our vision is to be the leader in helping our clients communicate with their clients and stakeholders on the global stage. Our mission is to empower the global community by providing vital language solutions from beginning to end. Translate.One can not only scale up to meet high-volume projects, but can handle software, policies, and training modules. Translate.One’s data security meets the highest, most stringent requirements in the industry. We leverage top talent and leading edge technology to deliver high quality translation and localization solutions. You will notice a difference at Translate.One: from our responsiveness to your initial inquiry, to our curiosity about your goals for each project, and to the care our team puts into ensuring those goals are met. We evaluate and add new services as the market changes.

Mission Translate's Logo

Mission Translate

Birmingham, United Kingdom

11-50 Employees


We are as committed to achieving success for your business as you are. We want your experience with Mission Translate to be more than transactional. Our team is renowned for going the extra mile to ensure we exceed your expectations. Get to know more of the team at Mission Translate. The founding members of Mission Translate began their journey developing a Birmingham-based boutique agency servicing local clients. Mission Translate has seen a lot of changes since then in many areas. Today, Mission Translate is a multinational company trusted by leading global brands. And with 4,000 plus linguists on our database, we provide the full range of translation and research services in more than 140 languages, to clients in over 100 markets.

Intertranslations S.A.'s Logo

Intertranslations S.A.

Athens, Greece

11-50 Employees


We deliver consistent, high-quality translations through quality assurance processes, emphasizing reliability, professionalism, and a commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence. At Intertranslations, we’ve integrated advanced neural machine translation into our services for high-quality, cost-effective results. Partnering with Intertranslations allows you to concentrate on your business, as we efficiently use AI tools tailored to specific translation needs, improving both process and quality. At Intertranslations, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards in pharmaceutical translations. The way Intertranslations Ltd handles our translations projects is of highly quality and we can only recommend them for future clients.We also highly appreciate the fact that Intertranslations is up-to-date with new technologies, for example being able to translate our XML files which are exported from our Content Management System and your ability to create terminological dictionaries making language consistency much easier. Intertranslations S.A has translated a large number of pages of technical, marketing and legal texts from German to Greek and vise-versa for our organization. Intertranslations Ltd has performed the translation of more than 3,000 pages from English into French in the general affairs field, public administration, EU matters; and has performed terminology work (over 3000 terms) in the following fields: European Affairs, education, employment, culture, transport, network, research and innovation, environment, energy, financial, security policy law, consumer protection and public health. Our people have the skills, education and training needed to deliver top quality translation and localization services.

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