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delodi - Tailored Software Solutions Founded by Thomas Rödiger and Thomas Schindler in 2013 in Berlin, delodi positions itself as a craft business for the development of customized products and the corresponding software. The company combines the passion, excellence, and knowledge of its customers with its own know-how to jointly develop user-centered product concepts and implement them with modern frontends. Core Principles: delodi follows the philosophy of the Triple Bottom Line, viewing profit as a means to make the planet a better place and to enable a livable future for all people. At the same time, the company believes in the laws of Moore and Kurzweil regarding accelerated gains for all information technologies. A clear, moral compass is essential for delodi to boldly and decisively face the rapidly evolving future. Capabilities: In software development, delodi places particular emphasis on interface development. Whether smartphone, browser, virtual reality, or voice input, the interaction with a computer system should seamlessly integrate into users' lives. The backend is developed to be not only stable and scalable but also to provide a solid foundation for any type of interface. Furthermore, delodi recognizes the value of systems that can interact with each other and emphasizes the importance of integration in modern software development. Customer Projects: delodi has successfully implemented a wide range of projects, working with both innovative startups and international corporations. The focus of the projects is usually on the development of solid backends, supplemented by modern web and mobile frontends. This combination enables delodi to deliver tailored solutions that are both technically robust and user-friendly. For a detailed list of exemplary customer projects, you can click here. Contact: Thomas Rödiger Email: [email protected] Phone: +49 170 2778008 Weizenweg 59, 12683 Berlin

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Service provider

Berlin, Germany

11-50 Employees

Founding year: 2013

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Software Engineering

Our software engineering services are centered around the philosophy of treating software development as a craft, demanding ongoing evolution and adaptation to the industry's innovation stream. Our expertise spans a wide range of technologies and frameworks, ensuring fluid and ubiquitous interfacing. We specialize in utilizing cutting-edge technologies like React, React Native, Redux, Meteor, Angular2, Ionic2, TensorFlow, Symfony2, and more, catering to both front-end and back-end development needs. We embrace a service-oriented architecture to create scalable, adaptable, and maintainable software solutions. Our approach particularly focuses on microservice architecture, allowing us to build modular, resilient applications capable of rapid development and testing, similar to models used by giants like Amazon and Netflix. Our services include authentication, user-account management, file storage, media manipulation, and various types of notifications. We're committed to offering scalable, maintainable, and extendable software solutions, ensuring robustness and flexibility in our digital products.

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Custom Software Solutions
Software Development Berlin
Tailored Software Development
User-Centered Design
Triple Bottom Line Software Company
Moore's Law Technology Solutions
Interface Development Services
Modern Frontend Development
Scalable Backend Solutions
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Integration in Software Development
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International Corporate Software Projects
Custom Web and Mobile Applications
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Internet Services
Information Technology
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City: Berlin

State: -

Country: Germany

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about delodi

The company delodi is located in Berlin, Germany. It's worth noting that the company may has more corporate locations

As of the latest available information delodi has around 11-50 employees worldwide.

delodi was founded in 2013

The company delodi has it's main focus in the industries of Internet Services, Information Technology, Mobile, Apps, Professional Services, Software, Artificial Intelligence

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