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Deltron provides innovative solutions that transform the way companies design, manufacture, connect to, and service their products. We optimize our customer’s product development systems to help them win in the market place. Whether you choose to build connected solutions into existing products, enter new markets, change your business model, or connect your manufacturing floor; you need to be ready. Transforming the way you connect with your products, organization, and customers all starts with smart connected design and the right Internet of Things (IoT) platform to connect and scale your business. The traditional manufacturing floor is a network of paper-based communication. Successful companies are transforming the flow of information into and out of manufacturing. The best-in- class are leveraging new technology to provide real-time visibility into design data and status, automate the reconciliation of the EBoM and MBoM, integrating both departments with purchasing and ERP, and implementing closed-loop digital change management. We at Deltron are obsessively passionate about technology.

Quick overview

Sharjah Industrial Area 11, United Arab Emirates

Founded in 2016

1-10 Employees

Additional information

Working industry

IT, Software and Services

Type of company

Manufacturer, Service provider

Ownership structure

Sole Proprietorship


1 Headquarter

Number of services

1 Service

Specialised areas

Computer Aided Design ( CAD) , Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Product Lifecycle Management ( PLM), IOT/AR/VR, Volumetric Capture , Services , Training, Reverse Engineering, Digital Transformation, Project Management

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Services | Deltron FZE

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Headquarter of Deltron FZE

Deltron FZE operates in 1 country around the world

City: Sharjah Industrial Area 11

State: Sharjah Emirate

Country: United Arab Emirates

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United Arab Emirates

Sharjah Emirate

Sharjah Industrial Area 11

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Deltron FZE

Some frequent questions that have been asked about Deltron FZE

The company headquarter of Deltron FZE is located in Sharjah Industrial Area 11, Sharjah Emirate, United Arab Emirates. It's worth noting, that the company may have more locations

As of the latest available information Deltron FZE has around 1-10 employees worldwide.

Deltron FZE was founded in 2016

The company Deltron FZE has it's main focus in the industries of IT, Software and Services

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Our vision has been to personalize the daily interaction between humans and their environments. Delphian Systems was founded in 2010 by IoT pioneers as a technology development company for smart connected products. As a complete IoT solution provider, Delphian offers a highly secure IoT platform with a protected cloud ecosystem. Built with products that connect the physical and digital worlds and make your environment smarter. The cornerstone of our application experience is built upon BLE, ANT stacks and extending their capabilities to mesh network integration, end-to-end security schemes, and encompasses system level testing. With our partners, we actively engage in requirements definition, product design, integration and testing, project management, managing FCC, UL and other regulatory testing and compliance. Our team has worked with WW design and manufacturing partners to procure quality components with the highest level of certification and quality. Supply chain management includes tooling, production testing and QA.

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At Iot-D, we specialize in providing top-notch IoT and IT services to businesses of all sizes. Our goal is to help our clients leverage the power of IoT and IT to streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition. Our services include circuit design, prototyping, testing, and production support. Our services also include the design and implementation of backend systems. At IoT-D, we work in a complementary way on all aspects of the projects that are entrusted to us. IoT-D does not work for its clients, it works with its clients, and that makes all the difference. Our team of experienced hardware engineers and designers have a proven track record of delivering high-quality products that meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether you need to bring a new product to market or improve an existing one, we have the skills and expertise to help you succeed.

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We are focused on driving competitive advantage for our customers by providing strategies, insights and proven implementations of integrated process and technology to deliver products and services (traditional or connected) to the market. We are technology leaders that were in your shoes yesterday. We Are Technology Leaders That Have Grown Up In Development And Manufacturing Organizations Not Consulting We Are Focused In The Areas Of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Connected Product Development (IoT), Connected Operations (IIoT) And CyberSecurity Like No-One Else Because For The Past 30+ Years We "Were You". DRIVEN-4 Offers Professionals With Global Fortune 500 Experience That Can Be Engaged To Provide: Strategic Insight & Direction, Process Development, Technology Implementations, Operational Support. DRIVEN-4 Provides Proven Solutions From A Strategic And Organizational Approach. We believe we can help you in the areas of PLM, IoT and Connected Product development and Cybersecurity like no-one else in the market because for the past 30+ years we “Were You”. Inclusive Of Process Integration, Company Alignment, Expertise In Technology Selection With Proven Best Practices. For The Past 30+ Years We "Were You" Delivering PLM, IoT, & IIoT projects with Application Managed Services.

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Digitalization and interconnection of products, value chains and business models. Digital transformation processes improving efficiency and increasing productivity to optimize management on collaborative value chains. Engineering support from concept to Algorithm creation and manufacturing of new products. Expertise in Embedded Technology providing our customers with powerful solutions. Embedded Design from schematic design to Printed Circuit Board (PCB) prototyping and manufacturing. Implementation and evolutionary development of digital signal algorithms, not usually found in general purpose products due to complexity. Constant updating and Rapid adaptation of already created products, managing obsolescence and increasing reliability for the entire product life.

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Deloitte Insights offers proprietary research and deep analysis to help you evolve and implement your strategic agenda today, and to plan for tomorrow. Production Blythe Hurley Hannah Bachman Prodyut Bora Preetha Devan Aparna Prusty Shambhavi Shah. Deloitte can accelerate the ideation, design, prototype, and launch of your connected products and devices. Amplify and accelerate your product roadmap and new product launch velocity with our innovative human-centric approach to connected device engineering. This exceptional combination of capabilities from consulting to hardware and software engineering can effectively deliver process and product transformation to your organization. Learn more about our US-based design, engineering, and prototyping smart connected products business. Ensure your product quality with our cyber, performance, safety, and device testing capabilities. Smart connected products require streamlined business processes and data models to get the most out of engineering groups and to manage complex product configurations.

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We believe that technology can advance human ability – that shared passion for creating uncompromisingly well-designed product is what drives our team and inspires our work to serve a better future. It is the linchpin upon which our entire methodology pivots. Founded by three innovators who came from industry-leading technology companies with the collective goal to build a leading innovation company: Optimal Design’s leadership is fueled by an engineering and entrepreneurial pedigree. It is the baseline and lens through which all of our endeavors are measured. In 2023, the company joined the Deloitte family, combining efforts with the Product Engineering Services offerings, to help clients unlock greater innovation and achieve their digital transformation goals. IIT Institute of Design Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA) Association of Medical Diagnostics Manufacturers (AMDM) Member of the IoT Security Foundation. Optimal Design’s deep experience and highly skilled talent will broaden Deloitte’s market-leading product engineering services capabilities, helping clients unlock innovation and achieve their digital transformation goals. Our award-winning team has been innovating, designing, engineering, and prototyping smart connected products for over 20 years.

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