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When it comes to designing and manufacturing robotics solutions, there’s no company more dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable in the scientific industry than HTA. We offer an extensive collection of analyzer front-ends and sample preparation workstations designed specifically to fit applications in analytical chemistry, life sciences and clinical laboratories. In 1991 it all started in the GC and GC/MS sector, where we provide the widest range of autosampler models available on the market, including all of the popular injection techniques such as liquid, headspace and SPME. These provide automatic sampling preparation which includes liquid handling, filtration or purification steps (including Solid Phase Extraction), vessel handling (weighing, capping/uncapping, and vortex), identification (BCR and RFID) and sample conditioning (cooling and heating). If you’re looking to boost the productivity of your lab, look no further than premier an HTA automated device. Manufactured in Italy under a certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 13485:2016 quality management systems, our products are made available worldwide through our distributor and OEM partners.

Quick overview

Brescia, Italy

Founded in 1991

11-50 Employees

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Working industry

Electronics and Electrical engineering

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Ownership structure

Privately Held


1 Headquarter

Number of products

4 Products

Specialised areas

Autosamplers, Lab Automation, Sample Prep, Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing

Products & services of HTA S.r.l.

HTA S.r.l. offers a wide range of products and services

Product: HPLC Autosampler: by our sampler empower your Liquid Chromatograph! - HTA


HPLC Autosampler: by our sampler empower your Liquid Chromatograph! - HTA

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Product: HTA Products Catalog | HTA


HTA Products Catalog | HTA

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Product: Software | HTA


Software | HTA

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Product: Custom GC Autosamplers - HTA


Custom GC Autosamplers - HTA

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Headquarter of HTA S.r.l.

HTA S.r.l. operates in 1 country around the world

City: Brescia

State: Lombardy

Country: Italy

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about HTA S.r.l.

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The company headquarter of HTA S.r.l. is located in Brescia, Lombardy, Italy. It's worth noting, that the company may have more locations

As of the latest available information HTA S.r.l. has around 11-50 employees worldwide.

HTA S.r.l. was founded in 1991

The company HTA S.r.l. has it's main focus in the industries of Electronics and Electrical engineering

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The specialist analytical instrument manufacturers in Schauenburg Analytics Group harness applications and engineering expertise to improve all aspects of the gas chromatography workflow and deliver better business and scientific outcomes for both research and routine laboratories. Our mission is to develop technologies that allow scientists around the world to improve throughput and maximise the quality and quantity of information extracted from every sample. With expertise in every area from sample preparation to the processing and interpretation of complex data sets we also provide the ongoing support and partnership your laboratory can rely on. Manufacturing world-leading instrumentation and accessories for sample extraction and enrichment for GC: analytical thermal desorption; SPME; headspace; passive sampling; high-capacity sorptive extraction. Supplying tailored packages of instrumentation, software and application expertise, with a focus on two-dimensional gas chromatography, time-of-flight mass spectrometry, data mining and chemometrics software.

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Separations offers an extensive range of instrumentation, software and services for UHPLC, Nano & Micro LC, Preparative LC (Batch and Continuous) Bio LC, GPC, SMB and SPE (online and offline Sample Preparation) We distribute and support the chromatographer with a complete program of world brands of instrumentation, columns, reagents & accessories for chromatography related techniques. Our experts install and service LC systems with IQ, OQ and PQ certificate, provide application support and training of your staff. HTA's product portfolio contains GC autosamplers, HPLC autosamplers, automated sample prep workstations and ICP autosamplers. With our experience in purification and analysis we provide excellent support.

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Increase your lab’s productivity by automating your existing workflows. We’ve partnered with leading OEM manufacturers to ensure the highest-quality and validated components for our systems. With our proprietary cap with built-in liquid and swab retention features, you can rest assured that false positives will be reduced significantly. That’s why we’ve partnered with leading OEM manufacturers including Hamilton Company. Our experts will work with you to ensure your workflow is compatible and easy to operate by your staff.

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HTL is devoted for the manufacturing high quality products for the laboratory industries. HTL is committed to providing our customers with innovative, high-quality products, factory-authorized repair and calibration services. All HTL products are operate under ISO 8655 standard. In May 2004, Corning HTL SA qualified, as one of the first enterprises in Poland, for the ISO 9001:2015 certification. HTL manufactures its products in conformity with GMP guidelines and the European Medical Device Directive. HTL stands out from others thanks to its personalized service and ability to listen to the market and deliver products accordingly. In recent years, the HTL placed particular emphasis on shortening delivery times, improving service work and to strengthen cooperation with distributors. Today HTL products are distributed through the network of 145 distributors in 80 countries world-wide.

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Our services are offered for supply, calibration & repair under the same roof. HTA INSTRUMENTATION (P) LTD., was founded in the year 1989 and is a leading professional supplier and service provider for Test and Measuring instruments having an experience of 30 years is also an ISO certified & NABL Accredited Calibration Laboratory for maintaining Quality Standards and procedures . We also provide customized projects in the Automation field. In the world of live events, be it concerts, conferences, or festivals, delivering an impeccable audio experience is paramount. As a leading player in the field, HTA Instrumentation Pvt Ltd brings you a comprehensive guide to PID controllers – their types, functions, and operational. Temperature-sensitive goods, such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnological products, and certain chemicals, require precise environmental controls to ensure their integrity.

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Analytix Ltd supplies sample preparation systems and analytical instrumentation for the chemical and life science markets in the UK and Ireland. LabTech is a global professional technology company providing solutions for sample preparation and scientific analysis. Products include centrifuges, hotplates, rotary evaporators, DigiBlock, and recirculating chillers. Each product line features a range of different models with differing specifications that makes them a perfect fit for all laboratories. To request further information about our product range get in touch. Products include analytical pyrolysis systems, microwave digestion, ashing, extraction, and synthesis systems, mercury analysers, micro GC gas analysers, nitric oxide analysers, supercritical fluid extraction systems, and LabTech general laboratory apparatus.

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