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We develop and manufacture high temperature and high pressure exhaust solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. We are saddened and deeply shocked by Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the Russian government's devastating attack on human rights and democratic values. Jeremias is one of the world`s leading manufacturers of flue and chimney systems for the exhaust of gases and ventilation, covering all kinds of domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Jeremias Group product range includes 100 different CE or UL certified systems covering commercial and domestic applications complimented by freestanding Industrial steel chimneys up to 13 feet in diameter. Jeremias offers its clients a wide range of high quality products, technical support for projects, and stack sizing software. One of the world`s leading manufacturers of flue and chimney systems for the exhaust of gases and ventilations. The Jeremias Group has more than 40 years of experience in flue and chimney production. The Jeremias Group is one of the world`s leading manufacturers with more than 40 years of experience in flue and chimney production.

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Marietta, United States

Founded in 2014

51-100 Employees


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Building Materials

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Privately Held


1 Headquarter

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Commercial Exhaust Venting, Flue and Chimney Systems in Stainless Steel, Commercial and Industrial Boiler Exhaust, Generator/Engine Exhaust, Commercial Kitchen Exhaust- Grease Ducts, Building Materials

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UseCase: Heating Oil/Gas/Solid fuel | Jeremias® Exhaust Systems

Use case

Heating Oil/Gas/Solid fuel | Jeremias® Exhaust Systems

Heating Oil/Gas/Solid fuel | Everything is possible! | 25 years warranty! | We offer you the ideal exhaust system for any application. | SWKL-Vt | SWFL | SWCK | DWKL-Lt | DWKL-Vt | DWFL +1, +2, +3 and +4 | DWFL | DWFL-ZC Grease Duct | DWCK+1

UseCase: Condensing boilers | Jeremias® Exhaust Systems

Use case

Condensing boilers | Jeremias® Exhaust Systems

Condensing boilers | Energy efficient and environmentally friendly | 25 years warranty! | We offer you the ideal exhaust system for any application. | SWFL | SWGV | SWKL-Vt | DWGV | DWKL-Lt | DWKL-Vt | DWFL | DWFL +1, +2, +3 and +4 | DWFL-ZC Gas Vent | DWFL-ZC Grease Duct

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Jeremias Inc. operates in 1 country around the world

City: Marietta

State: Georgia

Country: United States

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United States



Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Jeremias Inc.

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The company headquarter of Jeremias Inc. is located in Marietta, Georgia, United States. It's worth noting, that the company may have more locations

As of the latest available information Jeremias Inc. has around 51-100 employees worldwide.

Jeremias Inc. was founded in 2014

The company Jeremias Inc. has it's main focus in the industries of Building Materials

Based on the founding year and the amount of employees the company Jeremias Inc. seems to be a Medium-Sized at the current state. Note that over time that status can change

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Jeremias Group's Logo

Jeremias Group

Wassertrüdingen, Germany

1001-5000 Employees


We are saddened and deeply shocked by Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the Russian government's devastating attack on human rights and democratic values. Since the inception of the company, Jeremias-Group has continuously expanded its activities. Production locations in Germany, Poland, Russia, Spain, Czech Republic, UK and the United States are evidence of our healthy growth, entrepreneurial success and ambitious visions. Besides production and sales offices we also have more than 100 different CE mark systems for domestic and industrial applications as well as for free standing chimneys with a diameter up to 4 meters. A wide range of products, competent customer service and international certifications represent our technical innovation, creativity and spirit. We offer the best service to our customers worldwide, thanks to our 8 production sites, 6 subsidiaries and many sales partners worldwide. Since more than 40 years the manufacturer Jeremias GmbH stands for excellent quality in the area of exhaust systems. Today added to stainless steel chimneys (element construction) we have a lot more products in the offer of Jeremias GmbH.



Iurreta, Spain

11-50 Employees


Jeremias da respuesta a diversas aplicaciones, desde el tubo de chimenea para hogar o estufa de leña hasta una chimenea industrial autoportante para procesos siderúrgicos. Hoy en día, el grupo industrial Jeremias con 9 plantas de producción en 7 países diferentes en Europa y Estados Unidos, es el productor más grande del mundo de chimeneas modulares metálicas y chimeneas industriales autoportantes. Esta ubicación se ampliará en los próximos años como centro central para el grupo Jeremias.

Poujoulat UK Ltd's Logo

Poujoulat UK Ltd

Sydney, Australia

11-50 Employees


Poujoulat UK was created to supply Europe’s market-leading metal chimneys and pre-fabricated stacks directly to the United Kingdom, with the expansion of this market supported further by the Groups acquisition of our Guildford Head Office in 2006. Our products are of the highest standard and our team of professional staff will personally support you with everything from initial design, through to completion of your project. Being a leader gives us a great responsibility towards our employees, partners, our customers, but also society and the planet. This is why the whole of the Poujoulat Group is mobilized around the “Positive Relationships” project.

Grupo Victor Monteiro's Logo

Grupo Victor Monteiro

Leiria, Portugal

51-100 Employees


The Victor Monteiro Group has more than 35 years of experience in the metal-mechanical industry with specialization for the production of Stainless Steel Pipes and Accessories – AISI 304 or 316 with the brand VM Chaminés, for exhaust fumes and gases of domestic, commercial and industrial, being the first Portuguese company in its field of activity to comply with the Directive on Construction Products with CE marking in Metallic Chimneys according to EN 1856. In the field of biomass and local heating equipment, the group is dedicated to the manufacture and development of pellet stoves, boilers and wood and pellet heat recuperators, through the prestigious TEK Biomasse brand, renowned for high performance, design and quality. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and know-how, result of years of research and development, the Victor Monteiro Group, with the VM Laser label, also offers 2D / 3D laser cutting services, lacquering, precision bending, robotic welding , CNC milling of nonmetals, 3D printing and pickling, being an indispensable partner in diversified areas of activity. Its merit is recognized by the great variety of quality products; standard stocks; speed of delivery; and customer-tailored solutions. The Victor Monteiro Group's mission is to produce, promote and provide solutions for heating, exhaust and ventilation systems, as well as laser cutting and machining services, always ensuring the highest quality and safety standards.

Selkirk Corporation's Logo

Selkirk Corporation

Nampa, United States

101-250 Employees


We are always researching, developing, and testing our products to continue to move our industry forward. We understand that our products are going into homes, offices, and other buildings where people need the safest possible products designed and engineered by experts. We have backed them with the products they need to get the job done right the first time, and we’ve been doing it for as long as the vent and chimney industries have been around. Our current product offering covers a wide variety of vent and chimney and HVAC applications, delivering increased efficiency, easier installation, unmatched durability, and continuous comfort. For nearly a century professional installers and do-it-yourselfers alike have relied on and trusted Selkirk’s factory-built chimney and venting systems. The confidence that comes with knowing you have the best combination of quality products and experience is invaluable. As the inventor and leading innovator in factory-built systems, Selkirk products are designed to exceed your expectations. Selkirk products set themselves apart from the competition with their proven quality, safety, ease of installation, and lasting performance.

Eurotip's Logo


Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium

11-50 Employees


In addition, Eurotip is a Belgian manufacturer-designer of chimney flues and ventilation systems. And Eurotip is on a market mainly served by a supply of generic imports. Moreover, Eurotip is present on the market for more than 50 years now. In addition, Eurotip is a Sphering Group company. As a result, and in a few numbers, Eurotip represents 30 employees, 3000 square feet warehouse, 1000 square feet of production area, 42 years of experience, and 1 million meters of flexible liners per year. Moreover, our catalog displays a complete range of our products in terms of chimney flues and ventilation systems. As a result, the company is proud to design and offer solutions for all types of fuel and appliances and to fulfill the specific needs of its clients. In other words, Sphering Group is a front-line player in flue and air care in Europe.

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