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Imagine an extremely flexible sensor that will fit perfectly into your application, whether it being an industrial application, a wearable for sports performance, medical device, a rubber component, or any other thinkable and unthinkable application. We are specialized in Electroactive Polymers (EAPs) – a groundbreaking stretchable sensing technology. We offer high quality sensor solutions, based on EAP technology. Our form of EAP is dielectric elastomer, otherwise known as DEAP, DE or DEA. See technical explanation further down the page under "Core Technology".

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Aabenraa, Denmark

Founded in 2013

1-10 Employees

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Electromechanical sensors, System integration, Electroactive polymer characterization, Electromechanical actuators, Feasibility projects, Industrial Manufacturing, Design for manufacture, Electroactive polymer transducer design, Industrial Engineering, Product development

Products & services of Leap Technology

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Product: DS Sensors | LEAP Technology


DS Sensors | LEAP Technology

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Product: Miniature sensor electronics (embeddable) | LEAP Technology


Miniature sensor electronics (embeddable) | LEAP Technology

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Product: elastic stretch sensor


elastic stretch sensor

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Product: Strain gauges for monitoring solutions and other functions


Strain gauges for monitoring solutions and other functions

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Product: Products



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Product: Stretch sensor kit | LEAP Technology


Stretch sensor kit | LEAP Technology

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Product: Sensor electronics


Sensor electronics

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UseCase: Other applications | LEAP Technology

Use case

Other applications | LEAP Technology


UseCase: R&D Services

Use case

R&D Services


Headquarter of Leap Technology

Leap Technology operates in 1 country around the world

City: Aabenraa

State: Region of Southern Denmark

Country: Denmark

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Region of Southern Denmark


Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Leap Technology

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The company headquarter of Leap Technology is located in Aabenraa, Region of Southern Denmark, Denmark. It's worth noting, that the company may have more locations

As of the latest available information Leap Technology has around 1-10 employees worldwide.

Leap Technology was founded in 2013

The company Leap Technology has it's main focus in the industries of Manufacturing

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ElastiSense's Logo


Aabenraa, Denmark

11-50 Employees


The dynamic displacement sensors by ElastiSense are used in a variety of businesses – from monitoring structure health to assisting in factory automation and even in off-road vehicles. However, the DS-sensor series of elastic sensors are in fact applicable in numerous other sensor-requiring industrial applications. Utilizing the DS-sensor technology allows you to ensure full control of your system and enjoy reliable and precise measurement of any position or displacement – even under water (IP68). The entire DS-series is also Industry 4.0 and IoT-ready and will provide detailed and effective monitoring, helping you predict and plan maintenance, prevent system breakdowns, and minimize overall system downtime – all leading to savings and increased profit. The ground-breaking technology behind ElastiSense’s elastic sensors – the ‘active rubber’ – was developed solely to design and make hi-tech solutions, simple to integrate and easily accessible for a broad variety of industrial segments.

Sensing Tex's Logo

Sensing Tex

Barcelona, Spain

1-10 Employees


We are contributing with our know-how, experience, technology and products. Sensing Tex offers innovative solutions and support to guide our customers from early stages to manufacturing of integrated finished products combining Stretchable Circuits with the cutting-edge electronics and IT such as AI, efge and cloud computing. Sensing Tex is a company whose products and services have a large international presence around the Globe. Our work is based on our propietary deep hardware and software tech developed to provide flexible solutions to feed our customer ideas. Building successful products & solutions from scratch is made possible by applying a solid methodology to overcome the risks throughout the process and exceed expectations. Get the best out of your products to track sport activities or to simply have fun with exergaming. Develop amazing medical applications to provide patients and physicians with cutting-edge technology-driven solutions. Innovative and cutting-edge products for an enhanced lifestyle experience.

Pressure Profile Systems's Logo

Pressure Profile Systems


51-100 Employees


We are proud to comprise of an accomplished, diverse engineering team with over 20 years of experience developing innovative sensing solutions for complex problems. We develop tactile sensors for contact pressure measurement and mapping across many applications: product design to process optimization, and R&D. Applying our products in your research, design, and development processes gives you more data and insight, enabling you to build better products and improve project results. Over the past 20 years, our tactile sensor technology has delivered valuable information to countless organizations, engineers, researchers, and designers. Our tactile sensor systems stand out as the most sensitive, repeatable, and conformable on the market. Tactile sensing is the technology of mapping and measuring the contact mechanics between two objects.

Flexora's Logo


Dresden, Germany

1-10 Employees


Die revolutionäre Sensorfolie von Flexora eignet sich besonders für das großflächige Monitoring von verschiedenen physikalischen Parametern wie Temperatur und Druck. Flexora Sensorfolien – powered by gedruckter organischer Elektronik. Wir sind ein internationales und interdisziplinäres Team, das als Ausgründung aus dem Dresden Integrated Center for Applied Physics and Photonic Materials der Technischen Universität Dresden hervorgegangen ist. Das Projekt Flexora wird im Rahmen des EXIST-Programms durch das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie und den Europäischen Sozialfonds gefördert. Wir kombinieren hohe Konfigurierbarkeit und Massenproduktion durch ein additives Rolle-zu-Rolle Verfahren. Um Ihnen die beste Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit zu bieten, arbeiten wir gezielt mit starken Partnern zusammen.



Cambridge, United Kingdom

1-10 Employees


Working alongside our partners from multiple industries, we develop innovative and. Working alongside our partners from multiple industries, we develop innovative and sustainable electronics which offer a true differentiator in competitive markets. Our stretchable electronic inks provide cost-efficient, bespoke solutions for producing stretchable devices in extremely short time scales, and in differentiated forms.

EpiSensor's Logo


Limerick, Ireland

11-50 Employees


EpiSensor energy monitoring and demand response solutions are more flexible, robust, and affordable – even in the harshest environments on earth. EpiSensor’s API-enabled gateway communication helps us interface seamlessly and securely with each gateway - without the need for network access. EpiSensor has designed the world’s most advanced hardware and software platform for demand response. Enterprise-class device management for EpiSensor hardware and IoT Gateways. We can install, commission, and visualise data for a customer within a day - and their system is so resilient and robust that we’ve almost eliminated site revisits. Traditional providers offer solutions that might be accurate and reliable – but they’re typically closed, expensive, and difficult to maintain. Consumer products are easy to use – but they’re inaccurate and unsuitable for industrial and commercial environments.

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