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Product: Amour Geometric Blazer


Amour Geometric Blazer

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Product: Jacqueline Bomber Jacket in Beige


Jacqueline Bomber Jacket in Beige

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Product: Amour Geometric Pencil Skirt


Amour Geometric Pencil Skirt

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Product: Louise Double-Breasted Wool Blazer


Louise Double-Breasted Wool Blazer

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S'berries's Logo


Prayagraj, India

1-10 Employees


We are passionately working and crafting all our products with heart and soul. We are not just into making expensive clothes we are also aiming to help the economically backward section of the society. We are working with all the renowned factories, we have network of manufacturers with latest technologies. Our vision is of sustainable clothing industry that runs ethically sourced and consciously produced materials, using natural materials and prioritizing sustainability from manufacturing to packaging. Our mission is to improve lives of people, make women full empowered and self-confident. We aim to provide unique, differentiated and exclusive service to all our customers across the globe. The company’s key focus is to revolutionize the products space by offering a wide range of styles at affordable prices. When it came to designing and developing the styles, we are sourcing the finest yarn fabrics and accessories.

Joseph Ribkoff Inc.'s Logo

Joseph Ribkoff Inc.

Dorval, Canada

501-1000 Employees


We are committed to creating beautiful, quality clothing that adorns its wearer with unapologetic confidence and timeless elegance. We are constantly evolving and striving towards better and greener alternatives. Each one of our carefully tailored pieces offers the effortless fashion, fit, and quality that we’ve been synonymous with for over 60 years. We believe more is more and embrace the maximalist art of combining prints, patterns, and colours. When it comes to product design, fabric selection, manufacturing, and social impact, we know the status quo isn’t enough. Our brand is built on the belief that our success begins with the success of our wholesale partners.

Philomén's Logo


Budapest, Hungary

1-10 Employees


Our vision is to create a sustainable future for You with love being the creative ingredient. This is the message at the heart of our brand: to love and care for nature, while exploring the world. We support slow fashion, sustainable design and conscious lifestyle choices, and our mission is to change the way people think about fashion.

ROMAN's Logo



11-50 Employees


We are anchored in our passion for design and quality, resulting in attainable luxury: a feeling of exclusivity and a commitment to providing a constantly evolving and creative approach to styling our unique designs, delivered in a sustainable manufacturing environment. We provide the American woman with a one-stop-shop, where an entire look can be styled: clothes, shoes, accessories and jewellery. Often inspired by and reminiscent of art, our creative and innovative designs enable us to produce functional, high-quality products for the modern woman. Our designs are varied but limited in their production. Uniqueness: Our collection is comprised of products that we intentionally and carefully select to be unlike anything else in the American ready-to-wear market. Personal Service: We strive to consistently provide an exceptional and personalized experience to our customers and partners, both in-store and online. We embrace the creativity expressed in our innovative and unexpected designs. Our collection is made up of exclusive and unique products for all occasions, from casual to evening wear and beach to boardroom.

KARA&I's Logo


Sydney, Australia

1-10 Employees


Our mission is to ensure that every woman will feel effortlessly elegant, beautiful and comfortable in what they choose to wear, and to provide an enjoyable and positive shopping experience. We embrace the varied female form, and the many roles and personalities that is the modern woman with a career and family.

Folktribe Clothing's Logo

Folktribe Clothing


1-10 Employees


Our vision is that our garments are purchased, loved and worn for a very long time, this is embodied in our design philosophy of timelessness and versatility. Our dream and mission is to offer beautiful, sustainable fashion and lifestyle products that support kindred spirits to have a lighter footprint & live in harmony with Earth. As business owners, we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that all aspects of our offerings are not detrimental to the health of our planet which allows you to focus more on living a conscious and wholesome life in connection with nature. We have chosen this for our production process to combat the fast fashion mentality & reduce textile waste as a result of excess stock, we are also able to reduce the carbon footprint by significantly reducing the distance our pieces travel.

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