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MashTank was founded in 2015 by Michael White to help companies solve their toughest problems. Focus on people and what motivates them, and agree on outcome. Unlock the power of your teams to deliver results.

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Service provider

Jacksonville, United States

1-10 Employees

Founding year: 2015

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C3: Core Command Center - MashTank

C3: CORE COMMAND CENTER | Raise Your Standards | The Status Quo | With C3 | What to Expect | Visualize | Ask Your Data Great Questions | Get Actionable Data | Increase Revenue | Improve Decisions | Uncover Paths to Growth | 100+ Integrable Data Sources | "MashTank helped tremendously with data collection, project management, and more. We're now more focused and concise in our strategy, and the implemented solutions are 'living on' with the buy-in of our staff." | "MashTank had a very positive effect on our business. They've made sure that we not only know what the new solutions are, but how to implement and use them effectively in the long-term. That hand-holding was very important." | "Both the business and myself personally have extremely benefitted from the work with MashTank. Decisions are supported by data at every level. Data previously only accessible to execs through financial statements are now accessible to the majority of the organization. Larger projects (that were previously avoided or drug out) are being completed faster and more frequently." | "Our business runs differently and better because we used the information from MashTank to improve how we work." | Get Started

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Atlas - MashTank

Atlas | 3 Core Phases | Day 1-20: Diagnostics | Day 21-30: Analytics | Day 31+: Optimization | What to Expect | Expand Bandwidth | Improve Scalability | Simplify Operations | Increase Revenue | Improve Decisions | Measure Happiness | "MashTank gave our teams the knowledge they needed to continue to run the business… with almost no time or effort from the leadership team." | "MashTank helped us not only to see, but to measure the issues we needed to fix in order to get back to growth. We saw results quickly working with them, and it was actually fun." | "Mashtank completely changed the way our organization analyzes & implements improvements… That allowed us to focus on the critical aspects of our business." | "MashTank had a very positive effect on the way we do business and our teams responded well to their implementations. They made sure not to leave us with more questions, but with real execution and processes that we continue to see results from.” | Pricing | # of Employees | Price Per Employee | Get Started

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Strategic Planning
Performance Optimization
Data Visualization
Process Improvement
Management Consulting


Professional Services

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The Cost of Switching: Project VS Transactional Work [DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCE]  - MashTank

The Cost of Switching: Project VS Transactional Work [DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCE]  | Get Started | Recent Posts

Contact of MashTank

City: Jacksonville

State: Florida

Country: United States

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about MashTank

The company MashTank is located in Jacksonville, Florida, United States. It's worth noting that the company may has more corporate locations

As of the latest available information MashTank has around 1-10 employees worldwide.

MashTank was founded in 2015

The company MashTank has it's main focus in the industries of Professional Services

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