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Munich Electrification's Logo

Munich Electrification

Munich, Germany

51-100 Employees


We are specialized in creating bespoke battery electronics assemblies tailored to our customers‘ precise specifications. Our dynamic environment encourages diverse perspectives, fuels creativity, and drives us to deliver cutting-edge solutions to propel industries forward. Be passionate about our work, reach beyond boundaries and experiment. We believe work should be fun and want our team to enjoy the journey. Our strongest asset is the power of “we”. For prototypes and series production, we collaborate with trusted partners renowned for their expertise in manufacturing high-quality electronic components. At our company, quality is of paramount importance, driving every aspect of our product development and process implementation. PURE ME complements Munich Electrification by providing the fully industrialized BMS products to projects with flexible customization needs resulting in reduced one-time costs and accelerated production readiness.

Compact Power Motion GmbH's Logo

Compact Power Motion GmbH

Unterföhring, Germany

11-50 Employees


Our goal is to support the growing mobility industry with innovative high power mechatronic technologies, from concept to mass production. We offer a flexible business model, ranging from proof-of-concept development (engineering) to technology transfer (licensing), to cater to your needs. You can outsource part of the engineering of your products to CPM GmbH, and focus on the development of your business. Our team provides a complete set of competencies to develop complex mechatronic systems for the mobility of the future with you. Be on your market faster, taking advantage of our Design-for-Manufacturing and Design-to-Cost technologies.

PEMTec SNC's Logo


Forbach, France

51-100 Employees


The main office of PEMTec is in Trier-Konz today. The machines manufactured by PEMTec are used in the production of parts for the car industry and aerospace, medical and mintage engineering today. We are innovative, moving in the µm-range, our entire production technology is naturally monitored by a QA system and TÜV-tested, and PEMTec SNC is certified as per DIN EN ISO 9001. Our engineering company specializes in the development and production of machines for precise electrochemical metal processing and was established in 1995 as the “PEM Technologiegesellschaft mbH”. Application Centers have been established around the world since 2007 to provide customers with direct local support in the production of tools and applications for the PEMTec machines. Pemming has become a byword for the technology by now and is hence particularly worth protecting for us. With a precise pulse current and an oscillating electrode tool, PEMTec makes for new possibilities in production engineering.

Power I.D. GmbH's Logo

Power I.D. GmbH

Stuttgart, Germany

1-10 Employees


We are the startup from Stuttgart with more than 50 years of experience in e-mobility and development of automotive mass production. We are the best of both worlds, focused on e-mobility. We assist you with the right experts and task force leaders. We manage projects on your behalf successful up to the start of production. Over the last ten years, for example, we developed on time more than ten electric drives for various vehicles. Development of new organizational units for development of electric drives for mass production. Task Force Leader for mass production e-mobility projects. It proposesteams or individual experts that match to your project.

NIKO Technologies Ltd.'s Logo

NIKO Technologies Ltd.

Gabrovo, Bulgaria

1-10 Employees


We are an innovative company in the field of electromobility, modern machinery and high-precision laser technologies. Our international team consists of experts in aerospace engineering, mechanical and electric engineering, computer systems and physics. We offer design and manufacturing of single and mass production parts and components and engineering solutions of your technical challenges. Count on us for results based on internationally accepted quality standards, dedication to and achieving of set common goals for your business success. Our customers utilize the many years experience of our experts, as well as our ultra modern machines.

eMoSys GmbH's Logo

eMoSys GmbH

Starnberg, Germany

11-50 Employees


We develope the future in high-performance eDrives for Aero, Automotive, Bicycle Industry, Maritime and Railway applications. By reducing weight our products perfectly fit for usage of eVTOL, eUAV, eDrones, eBoats or mobile robots. We provide multiple testing services for electric high-speed drives. In 2014 eMoSys was launched, since 2017 we are a climate neutral company. Since our foundation we are happy to provide our well-known customers with our individual solutions. We are aware of our special responsibility as a company towards future generations and have acted accordingly. We are specialized on technologies like asynchronous, synchronous, permanent magnet, transverse and linear motors. If wished we develope integrated power electronics and engine control units.

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