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ThinkSoft's Logo



11-50 Employees


ThinkSoft is a bootstrap company that provides product development solutions to businesses and startups all over the world. ThinkSoft’s vision is to become an ideal software service provision company and to attain a prominent place in the market by meeting our client’s requirements, exceeding their expectations, and providing value to their businesses. We are a team of highly professional and capable software developers, having expertise in state of art technologies and highly valuable management capabilities. We provide a wide range of e-learning services including design, development, and maintenance of learning management systems (LMS), digital learning games, digital storytelling, and much more. We provide sports web development, utility app development, wearable app development and much more. We are one-stop solution for all your IT and Software Development needs. We value our work and ensure that whatever we provide is delivered to perfection. Our constant focus is to grow and learn new technologies to deliver the best services.

PALTech Company Limited's Logo

PALTech Company Limited

Vinh, Vietnam

51-100 Employees


We are an IT company providing and developing software platforms that are scalable, superb quality and economical for varying business operational needs. We provide quality technical services for all kinds of organizations from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) both locally and overseas. We are committed to deliver strategic and innovative solutions to add business value to our customers. We deliver a set of integrated web based solutions and also develop customized Internet applications based on pre-defined work-order from you, our clients. Paltech is dedicated to redefine your business in the world-wide web for growth and higher production through competitive advantage in speed, cost and adaptability. We are primarily a software development company with expertise in high frequency, high volume secure transactions across the web and a range of proprietary POPs and CDNs. PALTECH uses open source technology for IT Development. PALTECH houses pool of experts and professionals who can help you reach the maximum potential of your business by delivering you the most economical and efficient web applications there are.



Indore, India

1-10 Employees


We provide services and solutions in information technology such as Web Developments, Windows Application Developments, Multimedia & Design Solutions and Mobile app development. For its lifetime SoftThink Technologies has delivered more then 20 cost effective and high-quality software solutions for a wide range of industries and domains including consumer and business software development. SoftThink Technologies is a leading software development company in India. Our "high performance business" strategy based on our expertise in consulting, technology and outsourcing to help the Clients for performing at the highest levels so they can provide better services to the customers and business associates.

Tandu Webs's Logo

Tandu Webs

United States

1-10 Employees


We are an innovative technology services company committed to building outstanding software products. We are committed to our clients' culture and goals, supporting them on their way to digital transformation. We help you overcome barriers to innovation and get to market with the right product for your business. We increase productivity and improve the experience combining human intelligence and computing. Product development based on design thinking and rapid prototyping from conceptualization to maintenance and end-of-life support. Software testing and performance analysis to execute a flawless product and deliver an exceptional customer experience. Seamless and innovative native iOS and Android apps specifically designed for your business. Cloud environments offer access to the latest automation technology for agility and speed.

ThinkCore Technologies's Logo

ThinkCore Technologies

Bengaluru, India

11-50 Employees


We provide separate Software QA service to our customers, independent of our software development teams. ThinkCore offers a unique combination of experience with its own product development as well as handling projects for clients. In addition, with our deep technical expertise combined with strong delivery experience we ensure our projects are always delivered on-time and within customer's budget. ThinkCore has a unique combination of experience with its own product development as well as handling development projects for clients. ThinkCore was itself a products company when it built and launched its enterprise collaboration product, PebbleTalk. ThinkCore Technologies is a software development company that helps enterprises and startups with their end-to-end application development, maintenance, support and QA needs. ThinkCore is a nimble software development company that brings deep technology expertise combined with strong project delivery experience. This has helped us in delivering 100% project success to our customers.

TransPalm's Logo


Cairo, Egypt

11-50 Employees


Founded in 2013, TransPalm is a leading translation services provider offering technology-powered multilingual solutions wherever and whenever our clients need them. TransPalm also has an office in Egypt, catering to your translation and localization needs in all Middle Eastern and African languages. At TransPalm, our mission is to provide professional, fast, and a­ffordable translation and localization solutions for individuals and organizations around the world. TransPalm aims to always be at the forefront of the translation and localization landscape locally and globally. Our goal is to create a future where everyone can communicate easily and has access to the same services, information or products regardless of the language they speak because they deserve it. We at TransPalm spare no efforts to maintain our quality, deliver on time, and provide the best-customized pricing plans. TransPalm is committed to implementing ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certification standards in terms of quality, information security, and management. TransPalm adopts a unique quality assurance approach that employs a three-step review known as TEP, translating, editing, and proofreading as well as a solid localization testing process.

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