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Doriane empowers your agronomy department in its digital shift. Valorize your data, automate your worflows and make agile decisions ! Our job is to support the actors of innovation in agronomy, on field, in the lab and in the office to transform themselves to face the environmental, economic and human challenges. We bring digital solutions to collect and valorize data, to take better decisions. We support agronomy teams to modify their practices to be more useful, efficient, open and resilients. Bloomeo software serves the product development activities of seed companies: align product design with market segments, manage multi-environment trials, standardize data collection and optimize team building. Bloomeo Agro Testing manages testing of any input, in a systemic approach. RnDExperience software supports all the stages of the breeding process, from crossing to selections and evaluations. Our moto is “Agronomy driven by data!” and stakeholders worldwide appreciate taking informed decisions upon meaningful information. Let's discuss your project: https://www.doriane.com/book-a-demo

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Service provider

Nice, France

11-50 Employees

Founding year: 1984

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Product Development Driven By Data Gain security in decision-making for the introduction of new varieties Improve reliability and confidence in data coming from so many different multi-location trials Better manage your product development resources thanks to better visibility The 5 steps where Bloomeo supports you : -> Prepare trials Import or create materials Select traits & metadata Setup your multi-environment campaigns -> Plan operations Mobilize staff and resources wisely Qualify your trial network Secure variety testing from sowing to harvest -> Collect clean data User-friendly app on IOS and Android Trait picklists to avoid errors Collect pictures of your plants and plots Data validation process for each data point Outliers detection -> Visualize results Each user profile has access to flexible dashboards for results overview Dynamic graphics for data analysis Trait optimization dashboards -> Compare varieties Define your market segments and product designs Compare your varieties with control/leader varieties in the market Create variety sheets and export them in your web variety catalog

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Improve the success rate of the launch of my varieties

Each variety in the catalog is an opportunity to gain market share and / or increase prices i.e. overall an opportunity to strengthen our position. Let us share a few tips and thoughts on how to secure the launch of your varieties : How to maximize the return-on-investment into research - up to 25% for seed companies ? Why some varieties reach the top of success, and some others don't ? What can support a seed company’s profitability, notably in Product Development activities? The first step is to analyse the target : What are the market needs? In seed product development the variety profile is a pre-requisite, it has to include the agronomic features vs. key competitors in order to secure competitiveness of the variety, the seed prodcution threshold in order to secure profitability and the consumer expectations. Then the characteristics of the variety are to be studied and analysed: varieties are qualified with a lot of data coming from heterogeneous origin (internal vs. external trialling, lots of different locations) and despite this heterogeneity, the data needs to be compared vs. key competitors in order to identify the most adequate for some market segments. Beyond data, the advice and feedback from farmers and / or consumers is a useful input. Once we start to detect a variety that could be successful, communication is crucial for product developers Securing the launch of our varieties depends mainly on these 3 criteria: A thorough knowledge of the market, enabling the definition of a varietal profile in line with the targeted segment, and differentiating it from the competition. A solid network of partners, representative of the market segment Collaboration between R&D, marketing, production and finance throughout the variety's life cycle, ensuring the best strategic decisions for the company. That's why it's a good idea for any agronomic company to use software like Bloomeo for its product development department: - Clear definition of variety profiles for each market segment, with prioritization of traits of interest -Collaborative platform and standardized protocols to collect reliable, valuable data from development and partner network. The challenges to be met by this platform are particularly detailed in Select successful varieties with Bloomeo. -Interconnection with research and marketing departments for the entire cycle and process of data validation and internal decisions

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City: Nice

State: Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

Country: France

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The company www.doriane.com is located in Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France. It's worth noting that the company may has more corporate locations

As of the latest available information www.doriane.com has around 11-50 employees worldwide.

www.doriane.com was founded in 1984

The company www.doriane.com has it's main focus in the industries of Information Technology, Agriculture and Farming, Apps, Professional Services, Software, Artificial Intelligence

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