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The Hurricane ITB Intake is a true race inspired manifold; old school attitude with new school engineering. The intake manifold has long, straight ports with a smooth transition to the Inlet port to increase flow efficiency. The Hurricane is the first ITB manifold for LS series engines to feature complete fly by wire throttle integration with cable actuation also available. This manifold has also undergone rigorous testing in endurance race environments all over the world. Coupled with the right camshaft, exhaust system and calibration, potential performance gains for your LS3 or LS7 based engine combination can be impressive. Key Features: • Utilizes all standard fittings (TPS, idle compensation, pressure sensor, vacuum) • Progressive throttle action to maintain part throttle resolution • Available with cable throttle actuation or factory Silver Throttle blade GM ETC • 60 mm throttle plate diameter • Carbon fibre linkage cover • 2-piece inlet trumpets with optional integrated air boxes also available • Uses Bosch-EV 14 long injectors Applications: • LS7 ETC Hurricane - 99-MFD11001 • LS3 ETC Hurricane - 99-MFD11198

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