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MOBILSENS Technology Inc. is a professional magnetic technology solution engineering consultant and turnkey solution service company composed of specializing in the field of magnetic materials,magnetization manufacturing system, magnetic flux measurement. Design, manufacture and sales of measurement systems and magnetic field analysis and calibration systems. At the same time, technical cooperation with European,American and Japan as manufacturers to develop electromagnetic module/parts/equipment/systems. The team has relevant experience in compliance with ISO 17025 testing and calibration laboratory capabilities, as well as IATF 16949 automotive and motorcycle parts manufacturing experience, implements ISO 9001:2015 quality management system specifications, and is committed to providing services in areas such as transportation, automotive, and biotechnology in engineering fields such as testing and semiconductor wafers, we continue to innovate patents to provide customers with the best magnetic technical support and system solutions . B-H loop hysteresis curve analysis of soft/hard magnetic alloys, Magnetic pole angle magnetic field analysis, Magnetoresistive angle wafers, Multi-axis magnetic field coils, Magnetic flux.

This company is:
Service provider
Taichung, Taiwan
1-10 Employees


Design, manufacture and sale of magnetic systems and electromagnetic modules related parts
Magnetization Manufacturing System / Magnetic Flux Measurement System / Electromagnetic Field Calibration System
Electromagnetic Measurement: B-H loop Hysteresis Curve Analysis of Soft/Hard Magnetic Alloys
Magnetic field calibration: Magnetic flux density and magnetic flux line calibration analysis (Gauss meter calibration, fluxmeter calibration)
Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing