Confidentiality agreement (NDA)

  1. The “solution provider” agrees to treat all information and documents of which he obtains knowledge from. and about customers of ensun GmbH (“so-called Challenger”) via the online platform in connection with the performance of this contract as confidential and to use them only for the contractually agreed purposes. Information and documents of the customers may only be brought to the knowledge of or made accessible to those employees of the expert who need the information and documents for the fulfillment of the contract and who themselves have been contractually obligated to maintain confidentiality. Any disclosure of information and documents of the customer requires the prior written consent of the customer. If such consent exists, the third party shall be obligated in writing to maintain confidentiality in accordance with this confidentiality agreement prior to disclosure.
  2. The solution provider is obligated to return the customer’s documents received in connection with the execution of this contract at any time upon request of the customer or ensun GmbH or to provide evidence of the destruction of the documents.
  3. The rights and obligations under Paragraph 1 and Paragraph 2 shall not be affected by the termination of this Agreement.

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