Adiabatic Cooling
Adiabatic Cooling


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„Adiabatic Cooling“

Adiabatic cooling is a process in which air is cooled by expanding and releasing its stored heat energy. This process occurs when air is forced to expand, usually by a compressor, and the resulting decrease in air pressure causes a decrease in the air's temperature. Adiabatic cooling is used in many industries, from air conditioning to refrigeration, and is a key part of the air cycle.

Frigel's Logo


Scandicci, Italy
101-250 Employees

Adiabatic cooling: what is and how does it work | Frigel | Solution

... Adiabatic cooling is the most efficient solution for cooling industrial processes. Explore this page to find out how it can improve your business. ...

Adiabatic cooling: what is and how does it work | Frigel | Solution
Conzerv Energy Solutions's Logo

Conzerv Energy Solutions

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
11-50 Employees

Adiabatic Cooling System | CONZERV | Energy Solutions

... Adiabatic cooling system is a unique mesh and water spray system that improves the performance of Air Cooled Chillers, Dry Coolers and Refrigeration plant whilst reducing energy consumption by up to 44%. This system has been fitted to hundreds of troublesome units in the GCC. ...

EnerGeo®'s Logo


Gurugram, India
11-50 Employees

Adiabatic Cooling System For Chillers | Evaporative Cooling

... The standard model Analysis the Outside Air Temperature and RH to control the water flow and save water upto 80% when compared to other adiabatic cooling system. ROI of this adiabatic cooling system in less than 2 Years. ...

MITA Cooling Technologies's Logo

MITA Cooling Technologies

Siziano, Italy
11-50 Employees

Adiabatic Cooler - MITA Cooling Technologies

... A device that uses adiabatic air cooling to increase sensible heat exchange efficiency in finned coil heat exchangers. ...

Adiabatic Cooler - MITA Cooling Technologies
Shumate Engineering PLLC's Logo

Shumate Engineering PLLC

Vienna, United States
1-10 Employees

Adiabatic Cooling — Shumate Engineering

... Adiabatic Cooling — Shumate ...

Oxycom's Logo


11-50 Employees

What you should know about adiabatic cooling

... Oxycom is the go-to expert on industrial adiabatic cooling. Learn more and discover the possibilities and benefits of adiabatic cooling for your company. ...

H & V Sales Group's Logo

H & V Sales Group

Town of Cheektowaga, United States
11-50 Employees

Heat Rejection Systems - H & V Sales Group

... We offer cooling towers from Delta Cooling Tower Inc., as well as Evaporative Cools and Adiabatic Cooling Systems from Guntner, the leader in cooling tower alternatives. H&V Sales Group, Inc. is the leading supplier of commercial heat rejection systems to Buffalo, […] ...

Eco-Structures International's Logo

Eco-Structures International

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
11-50 Employees

Oxycom (Adiabatic Cooling) | Eco-Structures - CA

... Compared to other direct adiabatic cooling systems: ...

Humideco's Logo


London, United Kingdom

Humidifiers | Humideco

... Evaporative & Adiabatic Cooling ...

HonMing Cooling Tower's Logo

HonMing Cooling Tower

Zhengzhou, China
501-1000 Employees

Adiabatic Closed Cooling Tower - hongming

... HON MING adiabatic closed cooling tower operates in adiabatic cooling mode most of the year, without spray cycle, greatly reducing the possibility of heat exchanger scaling, ensuring stable and reliable heat exchange performance throughout the ...

Adiabatic Closed Cooling Tower - hongming