Advanced Electro-Magnetic
Advanced Electro-Magnetic


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„Advanced Electro-Magnetic“

Advanced Electro-Magnetism is the study of the interaction between electricity, magnetism, and their related fields, such as the magnetic fields generated by electric currents and the electric fields produced by magnetism. It covers topics like electric and magnetic fields, Maxwell's equations, and the behavior of charged particles in electric and magnetic fields. In addition, it includes the study of electro-magnetic radiation and its interactions with matter, including the production and absorption of electromagnetic radiation by atoms and molecules.

Enteq Upstream's Logo

Enteq Upstream

Houston, United States
51-100 Employees

Enteq announces partnership to develop and market a high data rate telemetry system. - Enteq Technologies

... it has signed an agreement with Black Gold Research (“BGR”) to develop such a system based on an advanced Electro-Magnetic (EM) principles.  BGR is a Polish company with a worldwide reputation for developing innovative solutions in the field of Electo-Magnetics, sensors, measurements and ...

Enteq announces partnership to develop and market a high data rate telemetry system. - Enteq Technologies
Veritas Medical Solutions's Logo

Veritas Medical Solutions

Lower Salford Township, United States
11-50 Employees

SmartDoor Radiation Shielded Door - Oncology therapy Door

... Operated by an advanced electro-magnetic drive and computer interface, the Veritas SmartDoor Radiation Shielded Door bi-parting door system is a reliable entry solution coupled with the quickest operating cycles in the industry and 100% guaranteed radiation attenuation. Redundant systems ...

SmartDoor Radiation Shielded Door - Oncology therapy Door

SmartDoor® Proton Doors - Veritas Medical Solutions

... An advanced electro-magnetic linear drive and computer interface provide reliable, maintenance-free operation and redundant safety systems. Protective sliding glass safety doors, located both in and outside the room, can be customized with your choice of finishes and graphics. (Safety doors ...

SmartDoor® Proton Doors - Veritas Medical Solutions
Heap & Partners Ltd.'s Logo

Heap & Partners Ltd.

Birkenhead, United Kingdom
11-50 Employees

Saunders® Range of Actuators and Accessories - Heap & Partners

... The Saunders® I-VUE advanced electro-magnetic sensing technology provides accuracy of less than 0.2mm (0.008”) and is designed to be used on valves from 0.25” – 4.00” (DN8-DN100) with reliable, repeatable results. Unlike conventional end point switches, thanks to the Saunders® I-VUE ...

Saunders® Range of Actuators and Accessories - Heap & Partners
Utilities and Subsurface Mapping Panel's Logo

Utilities and Subsurface Mapping Panel

Trafford, United Kingdom
11-50 Employees

Utilities and Subsurface Mapping || CICES

... locators) [email protected] ProQual Level 2 Diploma, Utilities Mapping Technician TBC ProQual Level 3 Certificate, Utilities Mapping Surveyor 2-day course or online CSTA Global Staking University Certificate, Advanced Electro-magnetic Locating 3-day or 5-day course ( ...

Utilities and Subsurface Mapping || CICES
Cerberus Security Laboratories's Logo

Cerberus Security Laboratories

Bristol, United Kingdom
1-10 Employees

We Consult | Services

... RISC-V processor that has led to a new RISC-V scalar cryptography specificationResearch and publish papers in peer-reviewed journals on security related topicsDevelop our own security tools - such as a low-cost platform for performing advanced electro-magnetic attacks on circuit ...

Probe's Logo


101-250 Employees

Solution Platforms - Probe | Cased Hole | Wireline | Logging | Evaluation | Monitoring | Oil Well Tools

... Radii™, iQ™ Magnetic Thickness and ProMAC™ combine advanced concepts in electro-magnetic thickness measurements with an innovative multi-finger caliper design to conform an integral well integrity and corrosion measurement solution. Formation Evaluation Probe offer’s an industry ...

Solution Platforms - Probe | Cased Hole | Wireline | Logging | Evaluation | Monitoring | Oil Well Tools
Aeroarms's Logo


Seville, Spain

Sensima Inspection SARL | AEROARMS

... Sensima Inspection develops and markets advanced electro-magnetic solutions for non-destructive testing (NDT) and quality control (QC). Sensima Inspection is a unique combination of the most advanced technologies including IC design and a recognised expertise in non-destructive testing to ...

Howard Technology Solutions's Logo

Howard Technology Solutions

Ellisville, United States
1001-5000 Employees

Daily Hot Deals on Technology Products |

... Our advanced electro-magnetic pen technology gives you excellent control and accuracy. One by Wacom helps your art projects come out the way you’ve always wanted, by perfectly matching the movement of your pen. Editing photos? Everything from complicated cut-outs to delicate color ...

Essae-teraoka's Logo


Bengaluru, India
501-1000 Employees

Laboratory Balances | Lab Weighing Machine | Electronic Lab Balance

... It is based on advanced Electro-magnetic force compensation Technology which has extremely low temperature drift and hence more reliable than Conventional Balances. ...

Massachusetts Capital Resource Company's Logo

Massachusetts Capital Resource Company

Boston, United States

TECHNOLOGY – Mass Capital

... MagneMotion provides assembly automation, material handling, and transportation solutions based on advanced electro-magnetic technology and controls.  At the core of MagneMotion’s products and services is a new generation of linear synchronous motor (LSM) technology that provides ...