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...ivated Sludge Equalization Pretreatment Aerobic Digestion Sludge Holding SBR, BNR & ASB Processes Chemical Oxidation Mixing Solids Suspension Odor Control Remediation Structural Tanks (any configuration, depth and...
Andover, US
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...ter processes food waste onsite through aerobic digestion, a natural process utilizing a special mix of microorganisms, water, and oxygen. The food waste is converted to water that can be safely discharged to sewe...
Fremont, US
Machinery Manufacturing
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...iosolids treatment applications such as aerobic digestion, sludge holding, and anaerobic digestion utilize BioCycle-D Optimized Aerobic Digestion Process, BioMix-AD Anaerobic Digestion Mixing,...
Charleston, US
Environmental Consulting
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...p digestion process enhances BOD digestion for superior effluent quality. Label 1 Integrated flow equalization and pH control stabilizes wastewater characteristics and improves treatment with automated cont...
Boston, US
Environmental consultant
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...rged as a global leader in thermophilic aerobic digestion, and waste treatment solutions. Harp Renewables manufactures and sells a range of Harp Bio-Digesters that convert food and other organic waste into a dry, ...
Tustin, US
Environmental Consulting
Renewable Energy
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Onsite aerobic digestion systems and anaerobic digesters are key solutions. Smart bin tipping solutions and wastewater and soil treatment products are also key. The real impact of this reach is far beyond what can...
Dacorum, GB
Clean Energy
Waste Management
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... complete treatment systems emphasizing aerobic digestion. We focus on applying sustainable technologies to process wastewater treatment for discharge or water reclamation. We serve a wide variety of industries in...
Health Care
Service Industry
Waste Management
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.../UV building into a dedicated UV building; new aerobic digestion system; four aeration blowers; new rotary drum thickener; and new dewatering system including sludge pumps, two rotary filter presses, and building.
Columbia, US
Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services
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...ke it an excellent addition to any MBR, aerobic digester or conventional activated sludge process in need of an additional boost of D.O. Secondary Clarifier BOD Removal Convert Secondary Clarifier to Oxic Bioreact...
Indianapolis, US
Health Care
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...process, normally between 35-40 C (94-104 F). Thermophllic digestion – Anaerobic digestion process at elevated temperatures, normally between 60-80 C (140-176 F) Many pressurized roof options are available.
Southfield, US
Nonresidential Building Construction