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Engineering Innovation's Logo

Lafayette, United States

51-100 Employees


In 2006, two members of the Lafayette based company MAILCode, Don Caddy and Adam Fleming, saw the demand for a flats processing solution and founded their own company to fulfill that need. Engineering Innovation, Inc. (Eii) has established itself as a leader in the development of automated equipment for pre-sort mailing applications inside the likes of commercial mail houses and parcel-handling businesses. Eii offers automation and manifesting solutions for letters, flats, and parcels. They have acquired a unique expertise in postal regulations, along with a depth of experience in site-specific process evaluation to optimize each client’s throughput and destination accuracy. Eii won’t sell you a product and leave it be; They complement their great products by providing hardware and software service and support after the sale, designed to ensure their customer’s success.



Image for Automation Parcel Sorting Machine Suppliers | Engineering Innovation

Automation Parcel Sorting Machine Suppliers | Engineering Innovation

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„Automated Package Sorting“

Automated package sorting is the process of using technology to automatically sort packages and items into specific categories based on a predetermined set of criteria. This technology uses advanced algorithms and sensors to scan, identify, and sort packages quickly and accurately. Automated package sorting systems are able to reduce labor costs and improve efficiency, as they require fewer personnel to manage the sorting process. Additionally, automated package sorting systems enable businesses to improve their accuracy and productivity when dealing with large volumes of packages.