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Image for IBM Bayesian Optimization Accelerator - Details | IBM


IBM Bayesian Optimization Accelerator - Details | IBM

IBM Bayesian Optimization Accelerator | Key features of IBM Bayesian Optimization Accelerator | Task parallelization | Scale to orders of magnitude more dimensions | Determine design points with fewer samples | Ensure traceability | Easy to add to existing clusters | Improved throughput | Technical details | Software requirements | Hardware requirements | Hardware and Software support for IBM Power, IBM Storage and IBM Z | Optimize your support model with tiered service options | Upgrade warranty and maintenance for IBM Power | IDC MarketScape names IBM as a Leader in Support Services | Gain agility and flexibility | You may also be interested in | Expert resources to help you succeed | Support | Documentation | Community

by Texas Memory Systems

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SigOpt's Logo

San Francisco, United States

11-50 Employees


SigOpt Is Now Open Source – Learn More. SigOpt was born out of the desire to make experts more efficient. While co-founder Scott Clark was completing his PhD at Cornell he noticed that often the final stage of research was a domain expert tweaking what they had built via trial and error. After completing his PhD, Scott developed MOE to solve this problem, and used it to optimize machine learning models and A/B tests at Yelp. SigOpt was founded in 2014 to bring this technology to every expert in every field.



Image for Intuition Behind Advanced Algorithmic Features | SigOpt

Intuition Behind Advanced Algorithmic Features | SigOpt

... The core of our optimization solution lies in our optimization engine, an ensemble of global and Bayesian optimization algorithms that can effectively optimize any model, from long time-to-train deep learning models to cutting-edge trading strategies. ...

Texas Memory Systems's Logo

51-100 Employees


Lernen Sie watsonx kennen, die neue KI- und Datenplattform für Unternehmen. Juni 2023 auf ausgewählte IBM Storage FlashSystem Produkte – versandfertig in zwei Tagen. Wir befähigen Menschen und ermöglichen Ideen und Technologien, um die Welt durch die Nutzung von Hybrid Cloud und KI zu verbessern. Wir entdecken, entwickeln und implementieren Technologie, die Kunden hilft, Probleme zu lösen – und die Welt besser zu machen. Meistern Sie die schwierigsten Herausforderungen mit kreativen, neuen Ansätzen und IBM Experten an Ihrer Seite.



Image for IBM Bayesian Optimization Accelerator

IBM Bayesian Optimization Accelerator

... IBM Bayesian Optimization Accelerator - Details | ...

Minter Ltd.'s Logo

London, United Kingdom

1-10 Employees


Operating at the intersection of lean product development and engineering excellence, we build progressive, scalable, value-driven software applications that solve serious problems. From carrier-grade distributed systems to IoT applications - we can back your concept with high quality code. Our project team consists of experienced professionals: frontend & backend developers, project managers and testers. From tech stack to industry knowledge, expect our team to bring real value to your product. Over two decades of experience designing and implementing fault-tolerant distributed solutions.



Image for A.I. for the I.o.T. | Minter Ltd.

A.I. for the I.o.T. | Minter Ltd.

... Bayesian Optimization ...

EDRMedeso's Logo

Tampere, Finland

101-250 Employees


The construction industry is facing several challenges and drivers: access to qualified labour, rising material cost and margin squeeze are just a few. We seek products that are not only efficient but also environmentally friendly, powerful yet quiet, and smartly connected. From computers and phones to our smart homes, offices and cities, we can’t possibly imagine a world without energy. Through the power of modelling and simulation, we can now significantly reduce the expense and time spent on developing and testing new drugs and medical devices. High-tech is part of our daily lives, so much so that we take it for granted.



Image for Neural Concept | EDRMedeso

Neural Concept | EDRMedeso

... DEBOSH: Deep Bayesian Shape Optimization ...

BitPeak's Logo

Warsaw, Poland

51-100 Employees


We deliver real business value to our clients through data analysis and data processing. Value that can be measured in time and money. Data democratization means quicker and better decisions on personal level and positive implications for the whole company. Our goal is to empower organizations and individuals by providing them with right tools and solutions for making secure and profitable data‑driven decisions. We will advise you in areas we are experts in. We will listen in areas of your expertise.



Core business
Image for BitPeak


... Smarter Artificial Intelligence with Bayesian Optimization ...

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„Bayesian Optimization“

Bayesian Optimization is a powerful technique for optimizing a system or process by incorporating prior knowledge of the process or system into the optimization procedure. It works by using probability distributions to approximate the function that is being optimized, and then using this approximation to make decisions about which parameters of the system or process should be adjusted in order to maximize the expected performance. By using Bayesian Optimization, the optimization process can be made more efficient, as it can make better use of prior knowledge about the system or process, and can quickly identify optimal parameter settings.