Biometric Encryption
Biometric Encryption


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„Biometric Encryption“

Biometric encryption is a method of data encryption that uses an individual's biometric data, such as a fingerprint or retinal scan, as the encryption key. This type of encryption is used to ensure the highest level of security for sensitive data, as biometric data is unique to each individual, making it virtually impossible to replicate. Biometric encryption is increasingly used in areas such as online banking, secure file transfers and two-factor authentication.

BioSec Group's Logo

BioSec Group

Budapest, Hungary
11-50 Employees

BioKrypt - E-mail encryption

... BioKrypt is a biometric e-mail encryption system, which replaces unsecure passwords. BioKrypt in details:BioKrypt replaces ...

Anidra Group's Logo

Anidra Group

Coimbatore, India
11-50 Employees

A biometric based authentication and encryption framework for sensor health data in cloud (2014) - Anidra

... IoT Smart Monitoring (2019) SOAP based Assistive Care Loop using wireless sensor networks (2008) A biometric based authentication and encryption framework for sensor health data in cloud (2014) A Lightweight Blockchain Based Framework for Underwater IoT (2019) A secured framework for ...

SIPPA Solutions's Logo

SIPPA Solutions

New York, United States
1-10 Employees

Home | SIPPA

... We protect your data with biometric encryption. Your privacy is our priority. Your personal biometric data is never stored, but is acquired on-the-fly for a one-time use during the decryption process. ...

Global Privacy & Security by Design's Logo

Global Privacy & Security by Design

Old Toronto, Canada
1-10 Employees

Facial Recognition with Biometric Encryption in Match-on-Card Architecture for Gaming and Other Computer Applications (Feasibility Study) – Global Privacy and Security By Design

... Last year, as part of improvements in the Responsible Gambling program, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) completed the implementation of facial recognition technology utilizing Biometric Encryption techniques in most of its casino facilities [1, 2]. ...

Infinity Optics Solutions's Logo

Infinity Optics Solutions

Singapore, Singapore
11-50 Employees

ZeroFace™ - ZeroBiometrics™

... No other data protection solution can create biometric encryption keys. ...

Crygma's Logo


Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
1-10 Employees

Crygma Encryption Machines | Quantun Safe Homomorphic Encryption |

... The Crygma Biometric Encryption Algorithms are built for securing the new digital world that combines virtual and augmented reality. The metaverse is centered on external digital devices such as virtual reality headsets that can easily fall prey to hackers . ...

Crygma Encryption Machines | Quantun Safe Homomorphic Encryption |
ROVER 2020 EU's Logo


Oulu, Finland
11-50 Employees

Project | Rover

... Novelty and concrete outcomes: PHY layer security and light cryptography solutions, together with biometric encryption, can be promising techniques to secure health-related data in the context of IoMT. Concrete outcome is novel blockchain solution, which can be included in new products. This ...

Project | Rover
Crayonic's Logo


Eindhoven, Netherlands
11-50 Employees

Microsoft | Crayonic

... KeyVault as a USB flash drive and safeguard sensitive files with transparent data encryption and biometric ...

Microsoft | Crayonic

Crayonic Solutions

... KeyVault as a secure USB flash drive and safeguard sensitive files with transparent data encryption and biometric ...

Crayonic Solutions's Logo

11-50 Employees

Talao : Decentralized Identity (DID) solutions for Europe

... Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) Biometric Identification Millitary Grade Encryption ...

1Kosmos's Logo


United States
51-100 Employees

What is Biometric Encryption? - 1Kosmos

... What is biometric encryption? Biometric encryption uses biometric data to encrypt and decrypt security keys to maintain user privacy and security. ...

What is Biometric Encryption? - 1Kosmos