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Biosensors are devices that combine a biological component, such as an enzyme or a cell, with a physical transducer to detect and convert chemical or biochemical signals into an electrical signal. They are used to measure the presence and concentration of a wide range of substances, from glucose levels in the blood to pollutants in the environment.

Biosensors's Logo


1001-5000 Employees

BA9™ Proprietary Technology | Biosensors International Ltd

... Consequently, Biosensors' proprietary limus drug BA9™ was used within its BioMatrix™ DES family and BioFreedom™ DCS.   ...

Powerline™ | Biosensors International Ltd

... Please contact your Biosensors International representative for availability or the products and registration status. ...

Oxford Molecular Biosensors Ltd.'s Logo

Oxford Molecular Biosensors Ltd.

Oxford, United Kingdom

Products & Services — Oxford Molecular Biosensors

... We are always keen to work with new companies for contract research and development of novel biosensors. ...

Oxford Molecular Biosensors

... Numerous challenges exist in complying with strict regulations, but the unique ability of biosensors to detect pollution in complex mixtures is providing valuable information for responsible waste management in a number of industries and environmental bodies worldwide. ...

Applied Biosensors's Logo

Applied Biosensors

United States
1-10 Employees

Company | Applied Biosensors

... Applied Biosensors LLC (AB) was established in 2014 to transform the production of life-saving medicines. The company has developed a biosensors and analytics platform for continuous real-time monitoring of a wide range of biochemicals, applicable to multiple markets. The company’s ...



San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina
1-10 Employees

Sensio - Biosensors Development | Home - Site Express

... SENSIO is focused on the development of biosensors based on metabolic changes in plants due to pathogen infections. Our goal is to detect plant diseases at early stages using fast, portable test kits to avoid large production losses. ...

Sensio - Biosensors Development | Home - Site Express

Sensio - Biosensors Development | Copia del Home

... Sensio - Biosensors Development | Copia del ...

Sensio - Biosensors Development | Copia del Home
Nix's Logo


Boston, United States
1-10 Employees

Affiliate Program – Nix Biosensors

... Apply to be a part of the Nix Biosensors' Affiliate program and earn commission for sales. ...

Universal Biosensors's Logo

Universal Biosensors

51-100 Employees

Modified Third-Party Software - Universal Biosensors

... components, identified below, are licensed to Universal Biosensors by third parties (“Licensors”) and are incorporated by Universal Biosensors in our Software. As incorporated in our Software, these components are sub-licensed by Universal Biosensors to its End Users. The… ...

Investor Centre - Universal Biosensors

... Investor Centre. This Investor Centre provides current and potential investors with up-to-date information about Universal Biosensors. Latest News Events & Presentations Annual Reports ASX Announcements ASX Share Price SEC Filings Corporate Directory Corporate Governance Top 20 ...

Investor Centre - Universal Biosensors
Utopic Tech Private Limited's Logo

Utopic Tech Private Limited

Pune, India
1-10 Employees

Diagnostics | Utopic Tech | Pune

... Utopic tech is an Innovative Healthcare Company, that has been pursuing cutting edge research in biosensors, electronics and engineering to create next generation of revolutionary diagnostic devices. ...

Applied Nanolayers's Logo

Applied Nanolayers

The Hague, Netherlands
11-50 Employees

Graphene Biosensors & Biomedical Applications @ MEDICA | ANL

... our high-performance graphene and discussing its impact on future biomedical applications and biosensors. We love to explore the exceptional possibilities of graphene for ultrafast and extremely sensitive medical diagnostics. We also look forward to meeting entrepreneurs, visionaries, ...

Graphene Biosensors & Biomedical Applications @ MEDICA | ANL

Graphene Transfer & Foundry Services Biosensors @BIO23 | ANL

... We are visiting BIO 23 to promote and showcase our high performance graphene and foundry services for biosensors and biomedical applications. Come see us at the European ...

Graphene Transfer & Foundry Services Biosensors @BIO23 | ANL
Grapheal's Logo


Grenoble, France
1-10 Employees

Connected Biosensors | Grapheal | France

... Grapheal produces flexible biosensors connected to smartphones for wearables and field ...

Connected Biosensors | Grapheal | France
NlightniN's Logo


Sopot, Poland
11-50 Employees

Technology – Nlightnin Production

... The BioCell Feedback Neuro System interactively reacts to readings from the user’s biosensors in real time – depending on the current changes in the state of the body. Reaction of the System is based on scenarios created by an interdisciplinary medical-scientific team. ...

Technology – Nlightnin Production

Nlightnin Production – Reach beyond dreams!

... NlightVR™ A combination of VR technology and various biosensors with the knowledge represented by specialist from the field of psychology, oncology and IT technology. The main purpose of the System is to influence biochemistry of the organism and the patient’ ...

Nlightnin Production – Reach beyond dreams!