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„Business Intelligence“

Business Intelligence (BI) is the process of collecting, analyzing, and presenting data to help organizations make better decisions. It enables organizations to identify patterns, trends, and correlations in data that might otherwise be overlooked, by providing tools and techniques to analyze large amounts of data. This helps the organization to make better-informed decisions and optimize their operations.

SquareTrend LLC's Logo

SquareTrend LLC

Katy, United States

Business Intelligence | SquareTrend

... Custom Dashboards for Business Intelligence. SquareTrend assists small to mid-sized businesses with custom designed analytics and business intelligence. ...

Fusion Outsourcing Services's Logo

Fusion Outsourcing Services

Cape Town, South Africa
11-50 Employees

The WHY, WHAT and HOW of a Shared Services Model for Business Intelligence & Analytics

... Achieve strategic mission objectives, service the diverse analytical needs of clients, and secure the desired outcomes of stakeholders through business intelligence and data ...

	The WHY, WHAT and HOW of a Shared Services Model for Business Intelligence & Analytics
MFA DataSolutions's Logo

MFA DataSolutions

New York, United States
1-10 Employees

Business Intelligence - MFA Data Solutions

... We believe that a data/Business Intelligence project is not worth the effort if it is not started with the intention to solve a real Business problem. We are stern believers that data in all its might is only good if it is accepted by Business users for day to day decision making.   ...

Human Data - Business Intelligence's Logo

Human Data - Business Intelligence

Curitiba, Brazil
1-10 Employees

Consultoria Power BI Business Intelligence Curitiba

... Human Data BI é uma empresa de consutoria em Business Intelligence & Big Data. Especialistas arquitetando o pipeline completo de seus dados na nuvem com Pentaho e Power BI. Sediada em Curitiba (PR) realizamos projetos personalizados de dashboards, analytics, data warehouse, etl e data ...

Consultoria Power BI Business Intelligence Curitiba
XPT Consulting in information technology's Logo

XPT Consulting in information technology

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
51-100 Employees

XPT| Business Intelligence & Analytics | Arquitetura e Desenvolvimento|São Paulo

... XPT Consultoria em Business Intelligence & Analytics: Estruturação de plataformas de dados para análise e tomada de desicões & Desenho de Processos para CRM. Outsourcing de Business Intelligence & Analytics. ...

XPT| Business Intelligence & Analytics | Arquitetura e Desenvolvimento|São Paulo


United Kingdom
1-10 Employees

Business Intelligence

... 17 years of expertise providing business intelligence and data analytics solution in railway technologies and British ...



Guarulhos, Brazil
1-10 Employees

DATADAX - Business Intelligence, Data Analytics

... A DATADAX é uma startup focada no desenvolvimento de soluções em Business Intelligence (BI), com nossa equipe altamente competente e alinhada nas áreas de negócio, irá te proporcionar informações gerenciais, para tomada de decisão, através de nossos painéis indicativos e dados extraídos e ...

Blueprine Technologies's Logo

Blueprine Technologies

Noida, India
1-10 Employees

NLP Based Business Intelligence | Blueprine Darwin

... NLP Based Business Intelligence, Analytics and Reporting. ...

Interstellar Business Intelligence's Logo

Interstellar Business Intelligence

Velp, Netherlands
1-10 Employees

Interstellar Business Intelligence

... Tel. 06-54245987 - Ernst-Jan Noordhuis - Interstellar Business Intelligence ...

Cachet International Inc.'s Logo

Cachet International Inc.

Phoenix, United States
1-10 Employees

Cachet International: Financial Investigations, Business Intelligence

... Financial Investigations and Business Intelligence The Most Precious Information Hides Beneath the Surface Cachet International is a dynamic provider of global investigative business intelligence and risk mitigation services to corporate, legal, government and private entities in over ...