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Carbon Nanohoops


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„Carbon Nanohoops“

Carbon nanohoops are nanometer-scale structures composed of carbon atoms arranged in a circular or hoop-like shape. They are made up of a single graphene sheet that has been rolled up in a cylindrical shape, similar to a tube. The carbon nanohoops have a variety of potential applications, including drug delivery and biomedical imaging. They may also be used in nanoelectronics and other nanotechnology applications.

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Foresight Institute

San Francisco, United States
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New organic synthesis to provide nanotechnology a way to make structurally pure carbon nanotubes - Foresight Institute

... The researchers made [9]-, [12]-, and [18]cycloparaphenylenes, which they call “carbon nanohoops” because they are the fundamental circular building blocks of “armchair” carbon nanotubes, so named because of their conformation. ...