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Phase Sensitive Innovations, Inc.'s Logo

Newark, United States

11-50 Employees


PSI’s produces high quality and high-performance RF Photonic devices, components, and systems. Applications include millimeter wave imaging and wireless communications systems such as 5G/B5G Cellular, Communications, Radar and Vision Enhancement markets. Phase Sensitive Innovations (PSI) is a small, high technology company specializing in RF Photonic devices, components, and systems, with a particular focus on the millimeter wave (mmW) region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Beam forming on a large scale is “imaging” and PSI has developed element-level beam forming for millimeter-wave systems that operate as real-time video cameras and offer the potential to penetrate through atmospheric obscurants, various garments and structures to create high-resolution “see-through” images. In pursuit of this goal, we have developed and demonstrated prototype passive imaging systems based on our patented optical upconversion technique.



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... Photonic Chip-Scale System Design and Consulting ...

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„Chip-Scale Photonic“

Chip-scale photonics is a technology that uses miniaturized optical components to create light-based circuits. These components, which are fabricated using nanotechnology, are much smaller than conventional optical components and are capable of manipulating light signals on the scale of a few microns. The technology is used in a variety of applications, such as telecommunications, data storage, and medical imaging.