Computer Vision Object Tracking
Computer Vision Object Tracking



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Image for Solutions - DreamAI Software (Pvt) Ltd


Solutions - DreamAI Software (Pvt) Ltd

Solutions | Generalized extraction of Embedding Vectors from unstructured data | Similarity based search of Embedding vectors | Computer Vision: Image Classification | Computer Vision: Video Action Classification | Computer Vision: Image captioning | Computer Vision: Object detection | Computer Vision: Semantic segmentation | Computer Vision: Depth and distance measurement in videos | Computer Vision: Person and object tracking in videos | Computer Vision: Motion and Optical Flow estimation in videos | Document processing and Text Extraction | Resume processing for Human Resources | Question and Answering on business Knowledge Databases | Face Recognition from large databases | License Plate Recognition | Speech Processing and Classification | Speech To Text and Text To Speech

by DreamAI

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Columbus, United States

1-10 Employees

DreamAI specializes in building Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning software systems on popular Cloud Platforms, as well as on-premises, for small, medium and large enterprises in several different domains and verticals. We are also Google Cloud services partners in Asia Pacific and South Asian region, and have substantial experience of developing AI/ML based solutions on GCP, in collaboration with other Google Cloud partners in the North American region. We help our customers during every stage of AI/ML project life cycle, from problem understanding, Proof-of-Concept demonstration, solution design, data collection, pre-processing, model building, deployment and model life cycle management. Therefore, no matter which stage of an AI/ML adoption you are in your business, and whether you have your own AI/ML or Data Science team or not, we can help you enhance your business with AI/ML based solutions and services. Our team is thoroughly trained in building, training, deploying and operating ML models for:.



Image for Computer Vision: Person and object tracking in videos

Computer Vision: Person and object tracking in videos

... Computer Vision: Person and object tracking in ...

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Espoo, Finland

11-50 Employees


We currently have a team of 40 people with some of the top robotics experts from Finland and beyond. We specialize in design, research, development and integration of intelligent robotic systems. GIM Robotics delivers software that makes mobile working machines in all industries more intelligent, precise and efficient. We deliver R&D and integration services for robotic systems. Our robot platforms accelerate your research and development.



Core business
Image for Company - GIM Robotics

Company - GIM Robotics

... Our competence covers sensor fusion, real time 3D localization and mapping, traversability analysis, computer vision systems and dynamic object tracking. We specialize in design, […] ...

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„Computer Vision Object Tracking“

Computer Vision Object Tracking is a technique used in computer vision that involves automatically detecting, locating, and tracking objects in a given scene over time. It uses a combination of techniques, including feature detection and extraction, background subtraction, and motion estimation, to detect and identify objects in a series of images or video frames. The goal of the process is to track the movements of objects in the scene, allowing users to monitor or interact with them.