Cryogenic Treatment
Cryogenic Treatment


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„Cryogenic Treatment“

Cryogenic treatment is a process that involves subjecting a material to very low temperatures, usually between -320°F and -460°F (-196°C and -273°C), for an extended period of time. The goal of cryogenic treatment is to improve the properties of the material, such as wear resistance, fatigue strength, corrosion resistance, and machinability. The process works by altering the molecular structure of the material, which can be beneficial to its strength and durability. Cryogenic treatment can be used on a variety of materials, including metals, plastics, and composites.

Deep Cryogenics International's Logo

Deep Cryogenics International

Lunenburg, Canada
1-10 Employees

Cryogenic Treatment Equipment

... DEEP CRYOGENIC treatment ...



11-50 Employees

Doxon Cryogenic Treatment

... Cryogenic Treatment, or Cryogenic Processing, modifies the micro-structure of metals by subjecting them to sub zero temperatures (down to –190°C). Cryogenic treatment helps to reduce voids or imperfections present in the crystal structure of the steel by converting retained austenite ...

A I M S Equipment & Building Materials Trading's Logo

A I M S Equipment & Building Materials Trading

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
1-10 Employees

Cryogenic Material Treatment | aaimms

... Details of Cryogenic Material Treatment services provided by A I M S Equipment - Dubai (UAE) ...

Irwin Automation, Inc.'s Logo

Irwin Automation, Inc.

Greensburg, United States
11-50 Employees

Cryogenic Treatment – Irwin Automation

... Cryogenic Treatment Quenching steel causes the austenite to transform into martensite, however, the transformation is rarely 100% complete. Some austenite crystals will remain unchanged even after quenching. Further transformation of the austenite into martensite can be induced by ...

Lancaster Knives Inc.'s Logo

Lancaster Knives Inc.

Village of Lancaster, United States
51-100 Employees

Cryogenic Treatment

... You are here:   Home Services Cryogenic Treatment ...

Hudapack Metal Treating's Logo

Hudapack Metal Treating

Elkhorn, United States

Atmosphere Hardening | Neutral Hardening | Cryogenic Treatment

... , neutral hardening, carbon restoration, annealing, normalizing, stress relieving and cryogenic treatment. Our batch internal quench furnaces are equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation to ensure superior heat treating quality, through precise control of temperature, ...

Advanced Heat Treat Corp.'s Logo

Advanced Heat Treat Corp.

Waterloo, United States
51-100 Employees

Cryogenic Treatment | AHT

... Cryogenic Treatment is a process that strengthens and improves the mechanical properties of metal materials. The material is exposed to a subzero temperature, as cold as -300ºF, reducing the amount of retained austenite and transforming it to a martensitic state. Cryogenic treatment ...

	Cryogenic Treatment | AHT
Divergent Technologies Inc's Logo

Divergent Technologies Inc

Waterloo, Canada
1-10 Employees

CRYOGENIC TREATMENT – Divergent Technologies

... CRYOGENIC TREATMENT – Divergent ...

Vacu-Braze, Inc.'s Logo

Vacu-Braze, Inc.

Quakertown, United States
11-50 Employees

Cryogenic Treatment | Vacu Braze

... Vacuum Heat Treating Vacuum Brazing Honeycomb Brazing Atmospheric Heat Treating Quick Batch Processing Cryogenic Treatment Fastener Processing View ...

Cryogenic Treatment | Vacu Braze
SIJ MWT GmbH's Logo


Landsberg am Lech, Germany
1-10 Employees

Cryogenic treatment (CRIO) | HTS Technology Group

... Home Products & services Heat treatment Cryogenic treatment (CRIO) ...