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... that requires skill, experience, and domain knowledge. Our LIDAR annotation services draw upon the latest cutting-edge LIDAR labeling tools and the combined skills of our LIDAR data annotation specialists.
London, GB
Data Annotation
Natural Language Processing
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Dataforge.ai is a data annotation for AI Machine Learning applications. It delivers accurate data annotation at scale to drive great Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications.
Artificial Intelligence
Autonomous Vehicles
... customers with high-quality and low-cost data annotation solutions through the efficient data annotation platform independently developed and in cooperation with the African offshore outsourcing solutions.
Beijing, CN
Information Technology
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...mented Reality, Virtual Reality, Edutech, and many more. TagX achieves this feat by combining Data Annotation, Synthetic Data Generation, and Web Scraping techniques for our clients across various domains.
Indore, IN
Artificial Intelligence
Computer Vision
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... Services aims to revolutionize data annotation services for the age of AI. Data preparation/annotation is a critical but oft-neglected area of machine learning (ML). It is widely accepted that th...
Bengaluru, IN
Artificial Intelligence
Big Data
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...ve the existing lack of transparency in data annotation and structuring by providing clarity and control over the entire process. DAITA Technologies was founded in 2020 and is based in Liebefeld, Berne, Switzerla...
Köniz, CH
Artificial Intelligence
Sales Automation
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AI based, gamification supported, crowdsourced data annotation and enrichment platform
Tallinn, EE
Artificial Intelligence
Computer Vision
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Sunix AI is a leading data annotation company that provides quality input data and detailed annotations services for efficient training of AI algorithms. Image Annotation is the process of ass...
Artificial Intelligence
Service Industry
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- ML data annotations made super easy. - Just upload data, invite your team and build training/evaluation dataset in hours. - Find Labeled Datasets and upload datasets.
Bengaluru, IN
Natural Language Processing
...correctness and quality. It is highly accurate in the image, video, and text annotation. Anolytics offers all effective data annotation services for machine learning and deep learning data training.
Noida, IN
Image Recognition
Machine Learning