Deep Anomaly Detection
Deep Anomaly Detection



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3 companies for "Deep Anomaly Detection"

MVTec Software's Logo

Munich, Germany

51-100 Employees


MVTec's machine vision know-how is manifesting in high-quality software products – HALCON and MERLIC – as well as in HALCON's integrated development environment (IDE) HDevelop. Our products generally do not operate in (and are neither meant for) mutually exclusive markets. Instead, HALCON (with its IDE HDevelop) and MERLIC can be seen as different possibilities of accessing MVTec's extensive competence and machine vision technologies. Depending on factors like time to market, complexity and size of the application or the user's programming skills, either HALCON, MERLIC, or even a combination of both might offer the best solution for a given task. In case of the latter, HDevelop acts as the connecting element between both products: It allows the user to create a sophisticated machine vision application and use it as a custom tool in MERLIC.



Image for HALCON 19.11: MVTec Software

HALCON 19.11: MVTec Software

... Deep Learning Anomaly Detection ...

Fast Forward Labs's Logo

New York, United States

1-10 Employees


The only hybrid data platform for modern data architectures with data anywhere. We help innovative organizations across all industries tackle transformational use cases and exact real-time insights from an ever-increasing amount of data to drive value and competitive differentiation. Gathering & organizing commercial data for tens of millions of businesses. Using data science to tackle inequities in healthcare. Cloudera was founded in 2008 by some of the brightest minds at Silicon Valley’s leading companies, including Google, Yahoo!, Oracle, and Facebook.



Image for Cloudera Fast Forward Labs Research | Cloudera

Cloudera Fast Forward Labs Research | Cloudera

... Learn why and when to use deep learning for anomaly detection. ...

Seekret's Logo

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

You can find the logo assets on our press page. Prior to founding Datadog, Olivier Pomel built data systems for K-12 teachers as a VP, Technology for Wireless Generation, where he grew the development team from a handful of people to close to 100 of the best engineers in New York until the company’s acquisition by News Corp. Before Wireless Generation, Olivier held software engineering positions at IBM Research and several internet startups. Olivier is an original author of the VLC media player and holds a MS, CS from the Ecole Centrale Paris. Prior to founding Datadog, Alexis Lê-Quôc served as the Director of Operations for Wireless Generation, where he built the team and infrastructure that served more than four million students in 49 states.



Core business
Image for Media Coverage | Datadog

Media Coverage | Datadog

... Datadog Boosts Performance Monitoring with Log Management, Deep Search, Anomaly Detection ...

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„Deep Anomaly Detection“

Deep Anomaly Detection is an advanced machine learning technique that uses deep learning algorithms to detect unusual patterns or outliers in data. It is used to detect anomalies in large datasets, and can be used to detect fraud, cyber-attacks, or other suspicious activity. Deep Anomaly Detection can be used to detect patterns that would otherwise be missed by traditional anomaly detection methods.