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...t lines where decisions are made. Shape Structured and Unstructured Data from Multiple Sources Combines data from multiple sources for data shaping, integration and model building. Easy-to-use Wizards guide users ...
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Big Data
Predictive Analytics
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...Predictive Engineering, has provided our company with exceptional technical support for many projects over the last 5 years. He has provided efficient and accurate FEA analysis for our structure product line.
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Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services
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...tegrated analytical application development. Before joining Predictum, she worked in the magnetic recording industry where she transformed data from manufacturing and technology development into valuable insights.
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An accurate protein structure prediction can not only provide a model where an experimental structure is unavailable, but can also refine experimental structures obtained through X-ray crystallograph...
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We help ensure best data management, structuring, hygiene, appending, and analysis practices are met throughout the process. Clean, well-structured data is our foundation for producing strong, reliable models. And...
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Cloud Computing
Data Mining
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...icial neural networks are modeled after structures in the human brain. Our deep learning models accurately measure ROI on marketing investment. Ingest your first-party data to build a custom algorithm uniqu...
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Artificial Intelligence
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...no matter their location or format Uses structured and unstructured data Weaves operationalized data into your daily business processes Augments your existing data tools with advanced analytics – we do not replace...
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Data Integration
Predictive Analytics
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... to understand their customer and sales structures better and to increase lifetime value. Instead of having to subscribe to our sales analytics software, we will present you the main results, conclusions and sugge...
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Churn Analysis
sales metrics
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Our Values: Structuring a Contract with your Business: Read more on how to do business with us in the Structuring a B2B AI Deal page. Founder's Portfolio: Contact form:
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Artificial Intelligence
Business Intelligence
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...e for predicting fire effects on structures, including their residual capacity, and VistaCal, a material constitutive calibrator that allows users to calibrate VistaDam and VistaFire models to experimental ...
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