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Synthetic media, or deepfakes, are becoming more realistic and have the power to cause more harm than ever before. FakeNetAI’s state of the art fake video detection products arm your users against attacks with Sta...
Orinda, US
Artificial Intelligence
Developer APIs
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...rance Verification Manipulation and forgery in the claims process Deepfake Detection Detection of deepfake in video Documents Verification Manipulation in invoice, contract, certificate, document management
Geneva, CH
Cyber Security
Information Technology
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...nnen wir in wenigen Wochen überzeugende Deepfake-Videos von Politiker:innen erstellen? Und wenn ja: Wie reagieren sie darauf? HEROPEANS Sie geben alles, um Europa zu retten.Immer häufiger führt der Klimawandel zu ...
Berlin, DE
Media and Entertainment
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Media coverage In the press Wall Street Journal ‘Deepfakes’ Trigger a Race to Fight Manipulated Photos and Videos MIT Technology Review Deepfake-busting apps can spot even a single pixel out of place.
Vale of White Horse, GB
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...isinformation, Electoral Integrity, and Deepfakes Alto has a profound understanding of the global digital threats and information disorders affecting the world and has developed ad-hoc technology and algorithms ...
Madrid, ES
Software Publishers
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Deepfake technology is like Photoshop for video. It allows non-technical folks to alter a video's look and audio so completely that at first and second glance it appears authentic. As of last year, there were over...
Los Angeles, US
Security guard service
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...ection Program Published on 10 June 2022 Deepfake videos use AI to replace people’s likeness or actions with others of the creator’s choosing — often involving celebrities, politicians or other well-known figures.
Fort Collins, US
Information Services
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...t is a semantic plugin for […] The Term Deepfakes Last year, a new type of “synthetic media” took the world by a storm, when a […] Expected to hit the market by 2020, 5G or fifth generation wireless is the upcomin...
Rome, IT
Artificial Intelligence
Augmented Reality
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...ive thriller set in the paranoid age of deepfakes, shallow fakes, bots, and fake news. Sensitive photos, cryptic audio, videos and top secret documents have been leaked. Participants race the clock to explore the ...
Higher Education
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Deepfakes are getting harder to distinguish and fake news is proliferating. Yaza videos are 100% authentic, cannot be hacked or altered, and are designed to promote truth. CONTACT OUR CEO Our CEO Peter Sisson woul...
San Francisco, US
Mapping Services
Social Media