Dielectric Elastomer
Dielectric Elastomer


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„Dielectric Elastomer“

Dielectric elastomers are a type of electroactive polymer that can be stretched, compressed, and twisted while still maintaining electrical properties. They are made up of a network of elastomeric polymer chains that are filled with a dielectric fluid, which gives them the ability to store and transmit electrical charge. This makes these materials highly useful for applications such as actuators, sensors, and energy storage.

Elysium Robotics's Logo

Elysium Robotics

Austin, United States
1-10 Employees

Elysium Robotics

... Our actuators combine the latest advances in dielectric elastomer materials with our proprietary microfiber manufacturing process to produce electrostatic actuators with performance on par with human muscles. ...

Soft Material Robotics - A DFG Priority Programme's Logo

Soft Material Robotics - A DFG Priority Programme

Garbsen, Germany
11-50 Employees

Publications: SPP 2100 Soft Material Robotics

... G. (2021): "Modeling and Experimental Validation of Thin, Tightly Rolled Dielectric Elastomer Actuators". ...

ZeMA gGmbH's Logo

ZeMA gGmbH

Saarbrücken, Germany
51-100 Employees

Special Issue - Beiträge willkommen - fl.zema.de

... Wir freuen uns sehr, eine bevorstehende Special Issue in „Actuators“ mit dem Titel „Smart Dielectric Elastomer Actuator Systems“ anzukündigen. Weitere Infos auf der offiziellen Webseite: ...

Special Issue - Beiträge willkommen - fl.zema.de
Sineco's Logo


Brussels, Belgium
1-10 Employees

AT04-2P-SR01YEL 2-Way Receptacle Male Connector with Standard Seal, Yellow. Comparable to part #934441605

... ) Seal Diameter: 2.24mm (.088") - 3.68mm (.145") Housing Material: Thermoplastic Seal Material: Silicone Elastomer Dielectric Value: Dielectric withstanding voltage less than 2 milliamps current leakage @ 1500 volts AC Insulation Resistance: 1000 megohms at 25°C Mating Cycle Durability: > ...

Policy and Innovation Group's Logo

Policy and Innovation Group

City of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
11-50 Employees

Inflatable DEG–PTO -– Policy and Innovation Group - POLICY AND INNOVATION GROUP

... aims to develop a breakthrough technology for the conversion of wave energy into electricity using Dielectric Elastomer Generators (DEG's). DEG's are electrostatic generators which are highly deformable solid-state capacitors that convert the mechanical work required for elastomer ...

Inflatable DEG–PTO -– Policy and Innovation Group - POLICY AND INNOVATION GROUP
Swiss MAM Research Group's Logo

Swiss MAM Research Group

Basel, Switzerland
11-50 Employees

Patents | Department of Biomedical Engineering

... Dielectric elastomer transducer and corresponding fabrication ...

Science Center's Logo

Science Center

Philadelphia, United States
11-50 Employees

Science Center | 'Artificial muscles' to help children with cerebral…

... The brace is the first lower extremity device designed to correct alignment or provide support using soft muscle-like “smart materials,” known as dielectric elastomer actuators, that contract in response to electric current. ...

Science Center | 'Artificial muscles' to help children with cerebral…
Auckland UniServices's Logo

Auckland UniServices

11-50 Employees

Investment portfolio | UniServices

... PowerOn uses unique dielectric elastomer switch technology to produce customisable, soft and flexible switches, actuators and logic.  ...

Techsource Systems's Logo

Techsource Systems

San Jose, Philippines
11-50 Employees

Fabdesigns, Inc.'s Logo

Fabdesigns, Inc.

Agoura Hills, United States
1-10 Employees

What Are Smart Materials?

... •       Dielectric elastomer – shape shifts and compresses with a charge on each side. ...