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...rate large strains and are mechanically compliant. They are driven by electrical charge and can power manifold applications. Sensing Dielectric elastomers can be used as soft sensors for strain pressure and touch.
Auckland, NZ
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...r Technology. 2008 First prototype of a Dielectric Elastomer stack. Investigation of the feasibility for industrial applications and economical production methods. 2010 First semi-automated lab production line. 20...
Dübendorf, CH
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...iezomotoren, Formgedächtnislegierungen, dielektrische Elastomeren und anderen elektroaktiven Polymeren. Piezomotoren Unter den alternativen Aktoren sind Piezomotoren industriell am weitesten vorangeschritte...
Saarbrücken, DE
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Dielectric elastomer generators, energy conversion materials Energy storage materials Innovative coating technology, corrosion protection Special engineering  Materials for (low-carbon) fibre-reinforced tanks & co...
Würzburg, DE
Smart Materials
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...n of elastomer composites and compounds Dielectric elastomer actuators are electrically active polymers and are not only used as actuators, but can also function as sensor systems or energy converters. © Fraunhofe...
Dresden, DE
Laserabtragen und -trennen
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Common Applications: dielectric elastomer actuators electroactive polymers (EAPs) gels & scaffolds electrochemical actuators electrothermal actuators spider silk Popular Systems: 1200A: Isolated Muscle System for ...
Aurora, CA
Health Care
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... radar-based advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) Rogers Corporation (NYSE:ROG) will be launching its RadixTM 3D Printable Dielectrics family of products at the IPC APEX EXPO 2022, January 25th through 27th .
Killingly, US
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The laminates are available in a wide range of dielectric constants (3.0 to 10.2)
Electrical Equipment Manufacturing
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...sleeving, silicon elastomer sleeving Industrial Adhesives and Sealants SMT – Thermoconductive – Structural adhesives – Sealants – Hot Melt adhesives – Ultraviolet adhesives Our History ISCRA dielectrics was
Conegliano, IT
Electrical Distribution
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CLTE Series materials offer tight dielectric constant and thickness tolerance. Ceramic, PTFE woven-glass composite material has higher thermal conductivity than conventional PCB dielectrics .
Chandler, US