Direct Light Processing
Direct Light Processing


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Prague, Czechia
11-50 Employees

Direct Light Processing - MATCA

... Direct Light Processing (DLP) The technology uses selective hardening of a part of a photopolymer bath, using a UV radiation source located below an LCD display which shields the exposed layer to create a desired shape. The hardening process goes layer-by-layer. This printing method is used ...

Direct Light Processing - MATCA
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„Direct Light Processing“

Direct Light Processing (DLP) is a type of projection technology that uses an array of mirrors to project light through a digital micromirror device (DMD) onto a screen or surface. It is commonly used in projection TVs, digital signage, and 3D printers. The mirrors are controlled by a computer and can be quickly adjusted to create higher-resolution images with a much greater color range than traditional projectors. DLP technology is known for its high contrast and image clarity, making it a popular choice for home theater systems.