Drones and Aerial Logistics
Drones and Aerial Logistics


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„Drones and Aerial Logistics“

Drones and aerial logistics are the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to deliver goods, services, or materials to a destination. These drones, or unmanned aerial systems (UASs), are remote-controlled aircraft that can fly autonomously or be manually operated. The logistics of delivering goods with drones are complex, requiring careful planning and coordination of multiple stakeholders. Drones can be used to deliver a variety of items, such as food, medicine, and supplies, quickly and efficiently, even to remote locations. Additionally, aerial logistics can be used to survey land and collect data, allowing for better decision-making. The use of drones and aerial logistics is growing rapidly and is having a major impact on the transportation industry.

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iFood gets authorization to use drones for food deliveries

... , CEO and co-founder of Speedbird, ANAC’s authorization sets a precedent for expanding the use of drones and advancing unmanned aerial logistics. “The reduction of delivery times, fuel costs and pollutant emissions, and the optimization of land traffic are just some of the benefits ...

iFood gets authorization to use drones for food deliveries