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Acro Aircraft Seating Logo
Acro Aircraft Seating designs and manufactures aircraft passenger seats which enable an airline to reduce operating cost, improve passenger on-board experience and contribute to carbon emissions reduction.
Crawley, GB
Air Transportation
Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) Logo
...ndate. This funding comes from Alberta’s large emitters who choose to pay into the Climate Change and Emissions Management Fund as a compliance option if they are unable to meet emissions reduction targets.
Edmonton, CA
Financial Services
Venture Capital
ETE EMTEchEngineering GmbH Logo
ETE EmTechEngineering emissions reductions technology for firing systems and environment. The company is specialized in the optimization of combustion processes with the focus on the reduction of ...
Leipzig, DE
Environmental Consulting
Renewable Energy
Extreme Energy Solutions Logo
...ven, the SMART Emissions Reducer emissions reduction technology serves as a pro-active and affordable approach to mitigate harmful toxic emissions produced by gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel engines, eq...
City of Ogdensburg, US
Environmental Engineering
Renewable Energy
bound4blue Logo
...ective thrust from existing winds, reducing the main engine power required and, therefore, delivering fuel consumption and pollutant emissions reductions of up to 40% and it ensures a payback period under 5 years.
Barcelona, ES
Renewable Energy
SaviCorp Logo
...ion technology provides more effective emissions reduction and engine efficiency solutions at a lower cost to consumers, business, corporate, municipal, state, and Federal vehicle fleets. This means gas savings, ...
Santa Ana, US
Ash Improvement Technology, Inc. Logo
The process is simple and cost-effective, giving the world one of the most economical ways to make a positive impact on CO2 emissions reductions and the avoidance of ash landfills.
Towson, US
Natural Resources
L'Orange GmbH Logo
In the future, developments and innovations from L'Orange will continue to drive the entire sector with regards to quality, service life, fuel consumption and emissions reduction.
Stuttgart, DE
Machinery Manufacturing
...gas to liquid (GTL) systems, as well as emissions reduction technologies that are all modular, mobile, scalable, and customized in order to satisfy their clients' particular needs. Pioneer Energy's constant innova...
Lakewood, US
Natural Gas Processing
Midstream On-Demand
Everland Logo
..., generating significant greenhouse gas emissions reductions and protecting the endangered Borneo Orangutan, and other IUCN Red List species. The project will generate 130m+ tonnes of Verified ...
New York, US
Environmental Consulting