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...wable energy harvesting. Explore energy harvesting solutions for your industrial and commercial sensors. Increase data availability, reduce maintenance costs, and benefit from power for the life of your sen...
Corvallis, US
wireless sensors
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...ing into wireless applications. The team at Kinergizer is committed to further improving motion energy harvesting technology and providing our clients with the most efficient energy harvesters possible.
Delft, NL
Consumer Electronics
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...tware to help develop its revolutionary energy harvesting technology. Freevolt is the first viable power source of its kind. The compact and lightweight Freevolt harvester absorbs energy from multiple RF signals t...
London, GB
Wireless charging
RF Energy Harvesting
...AAA battery. Just like Iron man’s power source Arc reactor, Flexwave’s Arc-solar is a solar energy harvester of IoT devices. The lifetime is 10 years so that let battery free and help companies be more economical.
Hsinchu, TW
Clean Energy
Internet of Things
Renewable Energy
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Energy harvesting offers an opportunity to minimize installation costs, and in many cases remove the need for batteries altogether. Our battery power management option creates a blended opportunity of extended bat...
Knoxville, US
Consumer Electronics
Information Technology
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...t developed the world’s most innovative energy harvesting IC with the smallest assembly footprint. Codium EH PMIC combines the world's smallest footprint, lowest cost BOM with the best harvesting performance. Nowi...
Delft, NL
Internet of Things
energy harvesting watch
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...ower high performances circuits such as energy harvester interfaces and microcontrollers that help companies make their IoT devices smarter and more energy-efficient by either prolonging battery life or making the...
Mont-Saint-Guibert, BE
Energy Harvesters
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... will be ready to use with a variety of energy harvesters, or any combination of them. Towards a battery-free, self-sustaining IoT With billions of sensors being installed into IoT networks around the globe every ...
Chepstow, GB
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...reader" Innovate UK EDGE Scaleup Program 2021-2022 Baseline Smart Card Energy Harvesting for Plug-and-Play Integration Best Technical Development Within Energy Harvesting Tech Tour Growth 50 2017 Contact Us
London, GB
Artificial Intelligence
Internet of Things
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...ea of customized mechanical and turbine energy harvesting systems up to complete self-powered sensors and controls. Mechanical generator systems Generate, process and store electrical energy and information from m...
Tilburg, NL
Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services