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Food Surplus Management


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„Food Surplus Management“

Food surplus management is the practice of strategically managing excess food by reducing waste, redistributing prepared food to those in need, and exploring ways to utilize excess food to create new products. It involves a range of activities, from analyzing food production and consumption patterns to finding ways to better utilize recovered food. It also includes developing strategies to reduce food waste, such as implementing "best before" labels and expiration dates, as well as developing new technologies to extend the shelf-life of food. Additionally, food surplus management involves educating the public on the importance of reducing food waste and engaging stakeholders in the food supply chain to reduce food waste.

Food Surplus Management Ltd's Logo

Food Surplus Management Ltd

51-100 Employees

Food Surplus Management - About Us

... About Food Surplus Management Limited. FSM is an Irish owned company who specialise in recovery and recycling of short dated and out of date products. ...

Food Surplus Management - About Us

Food Surplus Management - About Us

... Food Surplus Management Limited (FSM) is an Irish owned company who specialise in recovery and recycling of short-dated and out of date food products and packaging for the manufacturing, wholesale and retail food and drinks industry. ...

Food Surplus Management - About Us
Yume Food Australia's Logo

Yume Food Australia

Melbourne, Australia
11-50 Employees

Reduce Food Waste The Easy Way | Yume Food Australia

... Reduce food waste with Australia's #1 tool for surplus food management. Give your excess inventory every opportunity to reach shelves and people in need with Yume's food waste reduction technology. ...

Tara Publishing Ireland's Logo

Tara Publishing Ireland

Dublin, Ireland
11-50 Employees

Retail News - Service Guide

... Field Marketing Specialists Design & Display EmploymentFocus Environmental Products & Services Ltd Exterion Media FBD Insurance plc Firstchoice EPOS Ltd FloorTech FMI Food Surplus Management Ltd GS1 Ireland HH Solutions Hopkins Irish Music Rights Organisation CLG (IMRO) Kantar ...

Frith Resource Management Limited's Logo

Frith Resource Management Limited

Bridgnorth, United Kingdom
1-10 Employees

Modelling for Policy Assessment

... FRM have provided evidence for central Government policy in further areas such as labelling for recyclability, food waste liners and surplus food management. Furthermore, Paul Frith has reviewed bids for central Government capital funds for local authorities. ...

Wasted Food Action Alliance's Logo

Wasted Food Action Alliance

Chicago, United States
51-100 Employees

Resource Directory | Wasted Food Action Alliance

... Checklist - Grocery Surplus Food Management Whole Foods WM Case Study Grocery Store/Food Manufacturing Case Studies Grocery Warehouse Food Waste & Recovery Findings & ...

The Kroger Co's Logo

The Kroger Co

United States
1-10 Employees

2022 Performance Tables – The Kroger Co.

... Surplus Food: Improve management of surplus food company- ...

Agrivert's Logo


West Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
51-100 Employees

Food waste recycling | Agrivert

... However, efforts to reduce food waste and improve surplus food management will never eliminate all food waste, so food waste recycling plays an important part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and harnessing an otherwise wasted resource. ...

Food waste recycling | Agrivert
Bold Capital Partners's Logo

Bold Capital Partners

Santa Monica, United States
11-50 Employees

50 Female Entrepreneurs Everyone Should Know - Crunchbase

... Founded in 2017, Atlanta-based Goodr is a sustainable surplus food management platform that leverages technology to reduce food waste and combat hunger. Goodr’s blockchain-enabled platform provides an IRS audit-friendly donation record to improve businesses’ bottom line, reduce greenhouse ...

50 Female Entrepreneurs Everyone Should Know - Crunchbase
Too Good To Go's Logo

Too Good To Go

London, United Kingdom
501-1000 Employees

Become a partner - Too Good To Go


Miami, United States
501-1000 Employees

SPONSORS old | Sustainatopia

... Copia’s surplus food waste management solution uses proprietary technology to solve the complex logistics of redistributing high-quality excess food from businesses and events across North America to nonprofit organizations in ...