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Computer Vision Systems Ltd Logo
Computer Vision Systems is a start-up dedicated to development of ViTechnology - a passive gesture recognition technology based on a pair of cameras.
Saint Petersburg, RU
Gesture recognition
Image processing
Motion Gestures Logo
...man Machine Interface (HMI). Our team is comprised of an eclectic mix of researchers and engineers, with specializations in machine learning, gesture recognition, signal processing, and sensor fusion technologies.
Kitchener, CA
Cloud Computing
Machine Learning
Clay AIR, acq. by Qualcomm Logo
...t with the Digital World Hand Tracking, Gesture Recognition and Touchless Interaction Solutions Clay AIR Real Time Hand Tracking and Gesture Controls We offer platform agnostic hand tracking and ...
Los Angeles, US
Consumer Electronics
HuanTek Logo
HuanTek is a research and development company specializing in motion capture and gesture recognition products.
Guangzhou City, CN
Information Technology
Motion Capture
iNUI Studio Logo
iNUI Studio creates and designs cutting-edge tools for human-computer interaction (multi-touch surfaces, gesture recognition systems, etc).
Foetz, LU
Digital Signage
UX Design
Omek Interactive Logo
...nterfaces to their products. Omek's gesture recognition and body tracking software is being incorporated into a broad range of devices – from TVs, set-top boxes and game consoles, to tablets, notebooks and P...
Bet Shemesh, IL
Computer Software
Motion tracking
Tomar Technologies Logo
Tomar Technologies is an IT services provider specializing in gesture recognition for IoT. The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware.
Wilmington, US
Consumer Electronics
Information Technology
ONtheGO Platforms Logo
It offers a gesture recognition software that turns any mobile device with a standard camera into a gesture interface, for runners, and endurance athletes. It was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Po...
Portland, US
Augmented Reality
Google Glass
PlayVision Labs Logo
... gesture experiences. It's product applies practical computer vision algorithms to the problem of gesture recognition in a wide array of environments, including theme parks, museums, arcades and exergaming.
Atlanta, US
Cloud Computing
HaloAI Logo
...d two camera inside, analyze Touch-less gesture recognition in car and traffic information outside the car. With HaloHUD, you can safety connect to internet get information what you need when you driver. We are ...