Heat Energy Harvesting
Heat Energy Harvesting



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Hamilton Community Enterprises (HCE)'s Logo

Hamilton, Canada

51-100 Employees


Climate change and digital transformation are driving unprecedented challenges and opportunities. With expertise that integrates across thermal, electrical and data technologies, HCE provides transformative community-based network solutions throughout the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area with capabilities extending beyond its facilities-based footprint. HCE is uniquely positioned to finance, design and operate an innovative mix of technologies, delivering solutions that matter most to businesses and our communities. From data infrastructure to high speed networks, HCE provides a number of cutting edge technology services – all customizable to best suit your organization or community’s needs. HCE provides buildings with comprehensive heating and cooling solutions that leverage various renewable energy sources.



Core business
Image for Smart City Solution Provider | HCE

Smart City Solution Provider | HCE

... Waste-Heat Energy Harvesting  ...

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„Heat Energy Harvesting“

Heat energy harvesting is the practice of capturing and converting thermal energy into useful forms of energy, such as electricity, for use in various applications. Heat energy harvesting systems make use of thermoelectric modules which convert the thermal energy into electrical energy, which is then stored in batteries for later use. This technology is commonly used in many industrial and commercial settings to reduce energy bills, as it enables the capture of energy that would otherwise be lost.