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Hamburg, Germany

11-50 Employees


Der HOLOCIRCLE ist ein innovativer 3D Hologramm Projektor, der Ihnen erlaubt, jedes gewünschte Motiv freischwebend in den Raum zu projizieren. Der HOLOCIRCLE eignet sich ideal als neuartiger Werbeträger und begeistert mit seine LED Hologrammen Zuschauer in jedem Alter. Der HOLOCIRCLE 65X ist das Flaggschiff der HOLOCIRCLE-Serie. Der HOLOCIRCLE 30 ist das Neueste aller Produkte. Der HOLOCIRCLE 30 besitzt zwei Rotorenblätter mit einem Gesamtdurchschnitt von 30 cm und befindet sich in einem Acrylgehäuse. Der HOLOCIRCLE 65X ist perfekt für den Einsatz auf Messen, repräsentativen Veranstaltungen oder großen Firmenevents geeignet. Der HOLOCIRCLE eignet sich für die holographische Projektion von Werbung in unterschiedlichen Formaten. Dank einer intelligenten Cloud-Lösung lassen sich viele HOLOCIRCLE Hologramm Projektoren zu einer riesigen Hologramm-Projektion synchronisieren, welche systemübergreifend ein Hologramm lückenlos auf einer Gesamtfläche erzeugen.



... The new 3D hologram projector from HoloCircle - eye-catcher ✅ ...

Top innovator badge
HOLO2GO's Logo


Fort Lauderdale, United States

11-50 Employees


HOLO2GO IS A CREATIVE STUDIO BACKED BY AN AWARD-WINNING CONTENT CREATION TEAM OF VISUAL EFFECT ARTISTS, ANIMATORS, MARKETERS, DIRECTORS AND FABRICATORS FROM THE FILM AND ADVERTISING INDUSTRIES. The Holo2Go 3 months Limited Warranty is a voluntary manufacturer’s warranty. As such, the Holo2Go 3 months Limited Warranty benefits are in addition to, and not instead of, rights provided by consumer law and it does not exclude, limit or suspend a buyer’s rights arising from consumer law. Important: The Holo2Go 3 months Limited Warranty terms and conditions shall not apply to consumer law claims. Your Holo2Go-branded hardware product (“Product”) is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 3 months from the date of original retail purchase (“Warranty Period”) when used in accordance with Holo2Go`s user manuals. Holo2Go does not warrant, represent or undertake that it will be able to repair or replace any Product under this warranty without risk to and / or loss of information and / or data stored on the Product. In no event shall Holo2Go be liable for (a) loss or damage, which as of the product’s purchase cannot be regarded as being caused by Holo2Go’s breach of these warranty terms; or (b) losses caused by the user’s fault, loss of data or loss of profits or benefits. When contacting Holo2Go via telephone, call charges may apply depending on your location.

Core business

Home - Holo2Go | Hologram Projectors, LED Fans, Projection Mapping

... Industry leading 3D Hologram Projectors, LED Fans, & projection mapping ...

Virtual On's Logo

Virtual On

London, United Kingdom

1-10 Employees


Virtual On has provided a fantastic service, quick response times and amazing displays. Let us bring your product to life with stunning holographic imagery, providing the ultimate visual representation that will leave a lasting impression. The AR Smart Mirror, also referred to as the AR photo booth, presents an extraordinary and immersive opportunity for fans to connect with their favourite pop stars, animated heroes, or avatars. The AR Smart Mirror offers a unique and memorable experience. One innovative approach to grab customers’ attention is through the use of 3D Anamorphic Video Illusion. While developed in a two-dimensional format, it delivers the mesmerising impression of a glass-free three-dimensional effect. This ingenious creation introduces the concept of a Real Size Hologram, offering lifelike, life-sized holographic illusions that leave a lasting impact. Our all-in-one Holographic Projector is a secure and contemporary 3D platform, effortlessly playing looped content 24/7, creating a transparent hologram effect that brings your creations to life.


23” Dreamoc HD3 3D Hologram Projector for Sale

... 3D Hologram Projector, the three sided display is an amazing tool to ...



City of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

1-10 Employees


But we're not just about the products – we're also about the experience. We strive to provide top-notch customer service and make shopping with us as easy and enjoyable as possible. We want to bring you products that you love. We fulfill that vision by working around the clock to partner with product manufacturers offering the most interesting viral products that you are looking for by making it easier for you to have access on buying them in one place without wasting time searching for them.We hope to bring our products to everyone, especially in remote areas, areas with difficulties and we want to do that with free shipping. Stop searching and start living your best life, with access to all viral products. Transform your life and begin your healthcare journey with our products. Offering the best treatment products to suit your health care goals that are affordable, enjoyable and guarantee you a great result every time.


3D HD Hologram Projector

... with our 3D HD Hologram Fan Projector. Utilizing advanced ...

Smid Media Solutions's Logo

Smid Media Solutions

Raamsdonksveer, Netherlands

1-10 Employees


Smid Media Solutions is een Full-service Print Management bedrijf en Reclamebureau dat alles levert op het gebied van drukwerk, printwerk en digitale media. Door onze hoge kwaliteit, flexibiliteit, service en grote diversiteit aan producten is Smid Media Solutions uw ideale partner voor al uw communicatie-uitingen. Sign Again materiaal is gemaakt van snijresten van het productieproces en PVC-houdend retourmateriaal van klanten.


3D Hologram Projector | Smid Media Solutions

... Een 3D Hologram Projector is de laatste reclame trend. Met deze ...

Fursol Corporation Ltd.'s Logo

Fursol Corporation Ltd.

Shenzhen, China

51-100 Employees


The Fursol 3D hologram fan displays bring cool 3D visuals, creating eye-catching 3D effects that showcase your brand and captivate tourists or visitors like never before. The Fursol big 3D hologram fan led video wall can be customized as per display size request. FURSOL is a professional LED display and Oled transparency display manufacturer with more than 10 years of factory experience in China, FURSOL led display advertising and Oled transparency display products which include the 3D LED FAN, 3D holographic fan display, 3D holo fan, 3D hologram fan display, 3D hologram projector, gobo-led projector, interactive projector, led video wall custom, bus led sign custom, and Oled transparency display etc. FURSOL led display can be used for 3D led display custom, digital signs, brand shaping, digital billboards, holographic multi-media advertising display, indoor and outdoor led signs, etc. FURSOL-led display advertising products are widely used for government, financial securities, railways, highways, civil aviation, hospitals, banks, real estate, stadiums, electricity, entertainment, bus companies, taxi companies, exhibitions, shopping malls, chain supermarkets, hotels, gaming sector, casino advertising, and other industries. FURSOL-led display has the certification of CE, FCC, and Rohs, most of the led display products are exported to the USA, UK, Germany, Poland, Greece, Italy, France, Chile, Spain, Brasil, Iran, Isreal, Cyprus, India, etc. FURSOL’s commitment to on-time delivery of quality products is unparalleled. FURSOL’s professional team will respond to you within 24 hours.

Core business

Fursol Is The Innovative Manufacturer Of 3D Holographic Fan Displays, And Gobo Logo Projector Custom In China

... display led fan|hologram video projector|logo projector custom. ...



Geelong, Australia

1-10 Employees


Come in and see the team today we are always happy to help you pick the perfect toy for your little einstein.




Revision Audiovisueel's Logo

Revision Audiovisueel

Deventer, Netherlands

1-10 Employees



Hologram 3D projector | WIFI | 224 LED's | 42 cm

... Hologram 3D projector | WIFI | 224 LED's | 42 cm | Revision ...

Electromann SA's Logo

Electromann SA

Johannesburg, South Africa

1-10 Employees


Yes we deliver nationwide by courier to your door. Yes, our products are covered by 12 month repair/replace warranty that covers any and all manufacturing defects unless otherwise advertised. At Electromann SA we offer a massive selection of consumer electronics with a wide appeal – from the techie that wants to stay at the cutting edge of home cinema to the homeowner looking for the best deals on CCTV systems or LED lighting. Based in Johannesburg we established our online store to make our products available to everyone – and you can shop 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ordering securely for delivery direct to your door. You’ll find free shipping available on a wide range of products, and for larger items we simply charge what it costs us to deliver them, we don’t mark up shipping costs to grab extra money from you! We also offer a cash on delivery service in the Gauteng area. Delivery in the Gauteng area is usually next day. Delivery to major centres nationally are usually within 48 hours.


3d Hologram LED Wall Mounted Projector with Wifi App support

... 3d Hologram LED Wall Mounted Projector with Wifi app support for ...

Cool Planet's Logo

Cool Planet

Colombo, Sri Lanka

501-1000 Employees


Founded in 2006 with 17 employees and a single store in Pelawatta, Cool Planet ventured into the Sri Lankan department store industry. Cool Planet has rapidly grown as one of the most trusted department stores in the country with 8 stores across the country and over 700 employees within the organization. Receiving great recognition for its customer service and diverse array of products in departments from Apparel in Ladies wear, Menswear and Kids Wear, Shoes, Handbags, Fashion accessories, Perfumes and Cosmetics, Luggage, Sporting Goods, Toys, Books, Stationary and Home ware. Integrative merchandising and innovative strategies employed to engage with the local consumers has brought Cool Planet to the forefront of the department store industry in Sri Lanka gaining consumer preference as their department store of choice. The Cool Planet group has expanded further as the Sri Lankan Franchisee of the globally popular Korean- styled fast fashion franchise brand, Ximi Vogue which currently has 4 stores in Sri Lanka. Always delivering the fashion-right products andquality service that enhance the customer life-style. Cool Planet as an organization believes to not only focus on the front-end of business but also to continuously improve on our internal operations. Cool Planet continuously aims to provide our customers with an unmatched shopping experience from our diverse, stylish, high-quality and affordable products, professional customer service, exquisite showroom ambience and customer convenience.


4M Kidzlabs Hologram Projector

... 4M Kidzlabs Hologram Projector ...

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Youngest suiting company2019

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Things to know about Hologram Projector

What is Hologram Projector?

A Hologram Projector is a sophisticated device engineered to display three-dimensional images in space, without the need for specialized glasses or external aids. Utilizing the principles of interferometry and light diffraction, this technology projects holograms by recording and reconstructing the light field emitted from an object. This intricate process involves splitting a laser beam, with one part illuminating the object and the other serving as a reference to create an interference pattern. When this pattern is projected, it recreates the original light field, thus producing a hologram that appears to float in mid-air. The impact of hologram projectors in various fields is profound and multifaceted. In the entertainment industry, they have revolutionized live performances and presentations, enabling artists to interact with virtual elements realistically. In education and training, they offer immersive experiences that enhance learning by visualizing complex concepts in three dimensions. Moreover, in the medical field, hologram projectors have been instrumental in advancing surgical planning and patient education by providing detailed, three-dimensional visualizations of anatomical structures. The ability to project realistic, spatially accurate holograms has not only captivated audiences but has also opened up new possibilities for visual communication, interactive learning, and innovative design across multiple sectors.

Advantages of Hologram Projector

1. Enhanced Engagement
Hologram projectors offer an unparalleled level of engagement by creating lifelike 3D visuals that appear to float in mid-air. This immersive experience captivates audiences, making it an ideal tool for presentations, advertisements, and entertainment, where grabbing and maintaining viewer attention is crucial.

2. Space Efficiency
Unlike traditional display methods that require substantial physical space, hologram projectors can create large-scale visuals in a compact area. This space-saving advantage allows for the innovative use of environments, be it in retail displays, museum exhibits, or interactive installations, without the need for bulky screens or physical objects.

3. Versatile Application
Hologram technology's adaptability across various industries is a significant benefit. From enhancing product demonstrations in marketing to providing interactive educational experiences or facilitating advanced medical procedures with 3D visualizations, hologram projectors offer a wide range of applications that can revolutionize traditional methods.

4. Reduced Environmental Impact
By using light to project images, hologram projectors consume less energy compared to conventional display screens. This reduced power usage contributes to a lower carbon footprint, aligning with the growing need for eco-friendly technology solutions in today’s world.

How to select right Hologram Projector supplier?

1. Resolution and Image Quality
Ensure the supplier offers hologram projectors with high resolution and superior image quality, essential for clear and vivid holographic displays.

2. Compatibility
Verify that the hologram projector is compatible with various digital input formats and can seamlessly integrate with existing systems and software.

3. Brightness and Visibility
Look for projectors that provide sufficient brightness to ensure the holograms are easily visible even in well-lit environments.

4. Viewing Angle
Choose a supplier that offers hologram projectors with wide viewing angles to allow a larger audience to view the holograms without quality degradation.

5. Reliability and Durability
Consider the build quality and reliability of the hologram projectors, ensuring they are durable and can operate continuously without frequent maintenance.

6. Technical Support and Warranty
Select suppliers who offer comprehensive technical support and warranty services to assist with any issues that may arise during the use of the hologram projector.

What are common B2B Use-Cases for Hologram Projector?

Hologram projectors are revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their data and clients. In the retail industry, these devices are being used to create immersive 3D product displays that allow customers to view products in a highly detailed and interactive manner. This not only enhances the shopping experience but also aids in decision-making processes. In the field of education and training, hologram projectors serve as a dynamic tool for creating engaging and interactive learning environments. They enable the visualization of complex concepts and processes, making them easier for students and professionals to understand. This technology is particularly beneficial in medical training, where precise anatomical structures can be displayed in three dimensions. The event and conference sector is another area where hologram projectors are making a significant impact. They are used to deliver captivating presentations and speeches, allowing speakers to interact with their content in real-time. This creates a more engaging and memorable experience for attendees, setting a new standard for public speaking and presentations. Lastly, in the engineering and design industry, hologram projectors facilitate the visualization of prototypes and architectural models in three dimensions. This allows for a more collaborative and interactive design process, enabling teams to identify and address potential issues early on. The ability to visualize projects in a realistic manner significantly enhances communication and efficiency within teams.

Current Technology Readiness Level (TLR) of Hologram Projector

Hologram projectors, as of the current assessment, are generally considered to be at a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) ranging from 4 to 6. This categorization is based on the fact that these devices have moved beyond theoretical research (TRL 1-3) and are now in the stages of component and system validation both in a lab environment (TRL 4) and, in some instances, in relevant environments (TRL 5-6). The primary technical reasons for this positioning include the successful demonstration of basic holographic projection principles and the development of prototypes that can create simple to moderately complex holographic images. However, the technology has not yet achieved widespread operational deployment (TRL 7-9), largely due to challenges such as high production costs, the need for substantial computational power, and limitations in resolution and viewing angles. Additionally, the integration of hologram projectors into consumer markets or industrial applications is still under development, indicating that while significant progress has been made, further technical advancements and optimizations are required to enhance the feasibility, usability, and affordability of these systems for broader application and acceptance.

What is the Technology Forecast of Hologram Projector?

In the Short-Term, hologram projector technology is poised to see significant improvements in resolution and user interface. Advances in light modulation techniques are expected to deliver crisper, more vivid images, making holograms increasingly lifelike. Additionally, enhancements in gesture and voice recognition will allow for more intuitive interaction with holographic content, offering users a seamless and more engaging experience. The Mid-Term phase will likely introduce portable hologram projectors with extended battery life and improved connectivity options. These advancements are anticipated to enable holographic telepresence in everyday communication, transforming how we conduct meetings and interact remotely. The integration of AI algorithms will further personalize user interactions, adapting holographic displays to individual preferences and usage patterns. Looking into the Long-Term, we can expect the emergence of fully immersive holographic environments that can simulate physical presence with unprecedented realism. Breakthroughs in nanotechnology and quantum computing will contribute to the miniaturization of hologram projectors, making them embedded in everyday objects. This will herald a new era of augmented reality, where digital and physical worlds blend seamlessly, opening up possibilities for education, entertainment, and beyond.

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