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...bot QTrobot is an expressive social robot designed to support a variety of use-cases including education of children with autism and other special needs education and human-robot interaction research and teaching.
Luxembourg, LU
Artificial Intelligence
Health Care
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Bradley Knox, who researched human-robot interaction and artificial intelligence at the MIT Media Lab’s Personal Robots Group and at UT Austin. We cannot yet give details about what we’re making, but we can’t wait...
Austin, US
Artificial Intelligence
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...ith the research and high-level expertise that’s been put into creating the product, Niska has the potential to advance Australia’s position to the forefront in the application of advanced human-robot interaction.
Melbourne, AU
Industrial Automation
Internet of Things
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...ve software solutions for safe physical human-robot interaction. With their worldwide unique concepts, solutions and algorithms for operating, programming, control and safety of robots it will finally become possi...
Munich, DE
Life Science
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...s the impact of long-term, personalized Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) applied to quality of life, health, creativity, communication, and educational goals. The ability of these robot systems to naturally ...
Cambridge, US
Artificial Intelligence
Developer Tools
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...utonomous robot decision making, neural network based fleet management and strategy creation, navigation, path planning, collision avoidance for the fleet and autonomy level management for human-robot interaction.
London, GB
Artificial Intelligence
Drone Management
ESA’s Telerobotics & Haptics Lab Logo
...telerobotics, mechatronics, haptics and human-robot interaction, the Lab has quickly become recognised as a leading authority in this fast-moving domain. Its pre-development and demonstration of critical techno...
Noordwijk, NL
Human Computer Interaction
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...ded on the basis of developing advanced human-robot interaction technology, FutureRobot Co., Ltd. is a service robot manufacturer that develops custom robots to engage visitors and customers at venues, airports, a...
advertising robot
smart robot
Robotech S.r.l. Logo
...hat brings together all the systems for human-robot interaction. Co-funded by the Tuscany Region, the RoboSweep project is currently in progress and pursuing the development of the DustClean robot, with the aim of...
Pisa, IT
Vocal recognition
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...re used in areas such as CyberSecurity, Healthcare & AAL, Industry 4.0, Digitalization, AI, Human-Robot Interaction, Smart Cities, IoT and much more. Get in touch with us and become our partner towards innovation.
Barcelona, ES
Consumer Electronics
Product Design