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Visual Computing Group's Logo

Reston, United States

10001+ Employees

The Visual Computing Group, led by Hanspeter Pfister, explores and provides visual analysis tools and methods to help scientists and researchers better process and understand large, multi-dimensional data sets in various domains such as neuroscience, genomics, systems biology, astronomy, and medicine. Chen H, Gu J, Liu Y, Abdel Magid S, Dong C, Wang Q, Pfister H, and Zhu L. arXiv preprint arXiv:2303.13132 (CVPR). Copyright © 2023 The President and Fellows of Harvard College.



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... QuantArt: Quantizing Image Style Transfer Towards High Visual ...

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„Image Style Transfer“

Image Style Transfer is a process of transferring the artistic style from one image to another, while preserving the content of the original image. It is achieved by using a deep learning algorithm to transform the style of an image while keeping its content intact. This technique can be used to create unique, art-like images from ordinary photographs.