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Later in the year our innovative intersection assistant, among other developments, hits the market. Award-winning development In 2018, multiple awards and an excellent NCAP rating offer a testament to our outstand...
Gaimersheim, DE
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...vice in passenger cars or as part of an intersection assistant system in trucks and buses. Image Processing and Analysis The World Seen Through the Eyes of an AI A digital eye captures a traffic scene and sends th...
Fürth, DE
Electrical Distribution
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...recently lost a cherished member of our Intersect, Inc team. Her passing was sudden and unexpected. Many are asking how they can help her husband, Dustin, and newborn daughter, Ava. ​ Click the button below to hel...
Anderson, US
Social Advocacy Organizations
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...c interest think tank that explores the intersection between society and sustainability, we bring together researchers and practitioners to facilitate solutions to global problems. Get the latest updates from Hot ...
Berlin, DE
Life Science
Non Profit
Professional Services
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INTERSECTIONS The heart of Path Master resides in intersection equipment. We provide the necessary components that make intersections function effortlessly. We can assist you with traffic flow...
Twinsburg, US
Smart Cities
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... Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Real-time Traffic Control Systems (RTCS), Transit Signal Priority and Customized Transportation Software, Local Intersection Control Equipment, Traffic Management Support
Toronto, CA
Industrial Automation
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...developing products and services at the intersection of messenger apps, chatbots, artficial intelligence, deep learning and natural language processing. Dhiyantra Limited was awarded the prestigious Scottish Enter...
City of Edinburgh, GB
Artificial Intelligence
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... first responders to navigate congested intersections more effectively. Canoga traffic sensing systems provide traffic engineers with real-time traffic data, which allows them to leverage resources and make better...
Saint Paul, US
Public Safety
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...interests, allowing them to explore the intersection of AI and law, education, healthcare, and more. High school students from Grades 9 to 12 No programming background required, though an interest in AI is appreci...
Palo Alto, US
Artificial Intelligence
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...hole self through the fullness of their intersecting identities. LGBTQIA++ Affirmative Practice Trauma-Informed Practice Intersectional Practice Self First Strengths based Identity Centered Action Driven Pr...
Chicago, US
Offices of Other Health Practitioners