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Kibron's Logo

Helsinki, Finland

11-50 Employees


Kibron Inc. was established in 1994 by some of the leading scientists in the field of lipid films, with the aim to manufacture easy to use, fast and accurate tensiometers and Langmuir instruments. Conventionally, surface tension measurements require trained personnel, long measurment time, and large sample volumes. Kibron has changed all this, it has modernized the surface tension measurement to allow its use in applications ranging from industrial, automated high-throughput screening to portable, battery operated equipment with high reliability, precision, and sensitivity. Kibron products, from Delta-8 to AquaPi, stand out unique: in performance, reliability and user-friendliness. We make robust and reliable industrial tools, from process control to R&D, on-line screening to field measurements, Kibron is your partner of choice.



Image for LayerX multiple sample holder - Kibron

LayerX multiple sample holder - Kibron

... LayerX multiple sample holder - Langmuir-Blodgett Troughs and Surface ...

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„Langmuir Probe“

Langmuir probes are devices used to measure the density and temperature of electrically charged particles in a plasma. They consist of a thin metal wire or rod that is inserted into the plasma and connected to a voltage source. As the voltage is increased, the electrons in the plasma are attracted to the wire, resulting in an increased current. This current is measured and used to calculate the plasma's density and temperature.