Monochromator System
Monochromator System


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„Monochromator System“

A monochromator is a device that is used to select and separate a single wavelength (or color) of light from a broad spectrum of light. It is composed of a diffraction grating or prism, an entrance slit, and an exit slit. Light passes through the entrance slit, which is then diffracted by the grating or prism and separated into individual wavelengths. The desired wavelength is then selected and passed through the exit slit.

BESTEC GmbH UHV-Technik, Laser, Sensorsysteme's Logo

BESTEC GmbH UHV-Technik, Laser, Sensorsysteme

Berlin, Germany
11-50 Employees

Synchrotron - Bestec GmbH

... of a DCM and a multilayer PGM in order to cover the whole available tender X-ray energy range of 1.5-10 keV at the MIFO beamline of the PTB at BESSY using one monochromator system only. Change of operation mode between PGM and DCM is automated and does not require venting of the system. ...

Synchrotron  - Bestec GmbH
Rapp OptoElectronic GmbH's Logo

Rapp OptoElectronic GmbH

Hamburg, Germany

LED & Bulb Systems › Rapp OptoElectronic

... KSL2 – Single wavelength LED illumination system UVILED – UV LED illumination system UVICO-2 – UV and VIS bulb illumination system FuraLED – Fura dye illumination system ...

Illumination Systems › Rapp OptoElectronic

... KSL2 – Wavelength specific LED illumination system UVILED – UV LED illumination system UVICO-2 – UV and VIS buld illumination system FuraLED – Fura dye illumination system ...

Hitachi High-Tech's Logo

Hitachi High-Tech

Tokyo, Japan
10001+ Employees

UV-Visible/NIR Spectrophotometer UH4150 : Hitachi High-Tech in the U.S.A.

... The UH4150 adopts a prism-grating (P-G) double monochromator optical system, continuing the established reputation of the U-4100 optical system. Large changes in light intensity of the S and P polarization are less likely for the prism-grating (P-G) system than for the generally used ...

International Intellectual Group Inc.'s Logo

International Intellectual Group Inc.

New York, United States
1-10 Employees

Efficiency and Scattered Light Measurements » International Intellectual Group, Inc.

... Grating efficiency measurements are generally performed with a double monochromator system (Fig.18). The first monochromator supplies monochromatic light derived from a tungsten lamp, mercury arc or deuterium lamp, depending on the spectral region involved. The grating being tested serves as ...

Efficiency and Scattered Light Measurements » International Intellectual Group, Inc.
Beamed Trading's Logo

Beamed Trading

Doha, Qatar
51-100 Employees

Cytation 5 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader ⋆ Beamed Trading

... Light source Xenon flash Detector PMT for monochromator system PMT for filter system Wavelength selection Quad monochromators (top/bottom) Filters (top) Wavelength range Monochromators: 250 – 700 nm (850 nm option) Filters: 200 – 700 nm (850 nm option) Monochromator bandwidth Variable, from ...

Cytation 5 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader ⋆ Beamed Trading


Melbourne, Australia
11-50 Employees

Integra 6000 – GBC

... Dual monochromator system is available as an option. ...

Kipp & Zonen's Logo

Kipp & Zonen

Delft, Netherlands
11-50 Employees

Brewer MkIII Spectrophotometer - Kipp & Zonen

... This is because of the much improved stray light performance of the double-monochromator optical system used in the Mk III compared to the single-monochromator of the MkII and MkIV. For this reason Kipp & Zonen no longer produces the MkII and MkIV models and for a number of years has ...



Mole Valley, United Kingdom
11-50 Employees

What's Our Story?

... The innovative monochromator system introduced in 2004 has been the base of the Chirascan family ever since. ...

Nanomat's Logo


Bayraklı, Turkey
1-10 Employees

Aescusoft – Nanomat

... system (FiMo) solar cells are tested using chopped … FiMo™  >Read more GiMo (Grating Monochromator) is a system for Spectral Response (SR) and External Quantum… GiMo™  >Read more CDI – Carrier density imaging is a fast, spatially resolved lifetime measurement method. ...



Kyoto, Japan
5001-10000 Employees

Monochromator System Optics - HORIBA

... Monochromator System Optics - ...