Multispectral Imaging Technology
Multispectral Imaging Technology



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SILIOS Technologies's Logo

Peynier, France

1-10 Employees


TO CONTACT US Formular : contact us (general inquiry).



Core business
Image for Multispectral Imaging | France | SILIOS Technologies

Multispectral Imaging | France | SILIOS Technologies

... Multispectral Imaging | France | SILIOS Technologies ...

ForenScope's Logo


11-50 Employees

Supporting law enforcement, intergovernmental agencies, forensic science and forensic medicine professionals, forensic laboratories while continually advancing the technology available through R&D. Spaces of each debt in the digital world can help you with overall simplest authentic;. Get an utilized of structure to tackle complex issues and changes. Promote innovative ideas, particularly in the field of medical screening, and assist in saving lives through the early diagnosis of malignant diseases. Making a shor time up to date email campaings to achieve a real impact.



Core business
Image for ForenScope – Mobile Multispectral Imaging Systems

ForenScope – Mobile Multispectral Imaging Systems

... We manufacture world's best mobile SuperSpectral & MultiSpectral imaging technologies to solve the case at the crime scene! ...

ePm's Logo

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

51-100 Employees


“It is with no small measure of pride that I look back and see over four decades of innovation, passion, outstanding service standards and the drive to always be our best. Four decades ago nobody would have thought that the UAE would achieve such greatness and world acclaim. We, at Al Murad Group, are proud of the fact that we have chartered a similar destiny with the nation, growing leaps and bounds; creating a legacy of success and achievements. We have come a long way from being a single minilab operation to becoming market leaders in the field of Consumer-Professional Photo Finishing Products and Services, Health Imaging Products, Access Control & CCTV systems, Industrial Non-Destructive Testing Products, Real Estate, Construction and Spa Services. Our network of five FM Radio stations, Television Channel and our state of the art production studios continue to be the leading players in the media industry.



Image for HID Fingerprint Reader | Biometric Security System | ePm Systems and Solutions

HID Fingerprint Reader | Biometric Security System | ePm Systems and Solutions

... Reliable multispectral imaging technology for improved authentication. ...

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„Multispectral Imaging Technology“

Multispectral imaging technology is a type of imaging technology which uses a combination of multiple wavelengths of light to capture an image. By using multiple wavelengths, multispectral imaging can capture information that is not visible to the human eye, allowing for a more detailed and accurate image. This technology is used in a variety of applications, from medical imaging to earth observation. Multispectral imaging allows for the detection of objects or features that would be difficult to detect or measure with traditional imaging techniques.