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MagArray Logo
MagArray's magnetic nanosensors are highly responsive to local magnetic fields. Biomolecules such as disease biomarkers can be detected by the MagArray system. MagArray technology combines traditional immunoassay ...
Milpitas, US
Health Care
Klahas Logo
Klahas is developing nanosensors for gas detection. To date billions of people mainly in cities unknowingly breath polluted air. The gas sensor market worth $2.5B has 6% annual growth. Their patented technology, ...
Monthey, CH
Health Care
Ultrapid Nanodiagnostics, Inc. Logo
...sable cartridge and sealed for safety. Biomarkers attach to antibodies embedded in nanosensors, changing electrical resistance Change in electrical resistance indicates an injury and is displayed on the handheld .
Tampa, US
Biodirection Logo
...NanoDxTM System for TBI uses a patented nanosensor technology platform to detect the presence of biomarker proteins (S100B & GFAP) in the blood. Biomarkers correlate to TBI severity and is displayed on a scale fro...
Southborough, US
Health Care
Medical Device
Causeway Sensors Logo
... drug discovery Causeway Sensors' novel nanosensor platform can integrate directly into bioreactors, accelerating the process of getting new drugs to market by giving critical data at currently inaccessible points...
Belfast, GB
Big Data
Albany Center of Excellence Logo
..., to the rapidly evolving areas of micro- and nanosystem based "systems-on-a-chip" (SOC) technologies, including biochips, optoelectronics and photonics devices, and nanosensors for the energy and the environment.
City of Albany, US
Consumer Electronics
Nanusens Logo
Our nanosensors can be easily added as they take up very little space giving them the freedom to design in as many sensors as they want. Longer audio on the go is a trademark of Nanusens Limited. X-ray of an earbu...
South Hams, GB
Technical Support
Sensor design
Nanobiofab Logo
...high-throughput3D nano-print and screen nanosensors that can accurately detect tiny amounts of gases that emanate from one’s skin and breath, as well as measure pressure, temperature, and humidity. With the coming...
Frederick, US
Voc Health Inc. Logo
Our nanosensor detected ovarian cancer in 58 lab-bench tests at the University of Pennsylvania with 95% sensitivity and 99% specificity. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are molecules released in large numbers fr...
Miami Beach, US
Other Ambulatory Health Care Services
Nanowear Inc. Logo
Our nanosensors capture 85+ medical grade biomarkers directly from the skin, enabling a closed loop digital system for specific machine-learning algorithms built on terabytes of unique human data. Nanowear’s first...
New York, US