Numerical Calculation and Simulation
Numerical Calculation and Simulation


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„Numerical Calculation and Simulation“

Numerical calculation is a method of solving mathematical problems by using numerical methods to approximate the solutions. It relies on the use of computer algorithms to solve complex equations, often involving large amounts of data. Numerical calculation is used extensively in engineering, economics, and science.Simulation is the process of creating a virtual version of a real-world system, process, or event. It involves the use of computer models and algorithms to mimic the behavior of the system or event being simulated. Simulation is used in a variety of fields including engineering, medicine, and finance, to analyze and predict outcomes that would otherwise be too expensive or too dangerous to test in the real world.

Keen Technology Initiatives Pvt Ltd.'s Logo

Keen Technology Initiatives Pvt Ltd.

Bengaluru, India
1-10 Employees

Member Companies

... A market leader in numerical calculation and simulation (CAE) and a provider of development processes and software.  ...

Member Companies
Tecosim's Logo


1-10 Employees

TECOSIM Company Profile

... It is a market leader in numerical calculation and simulation (CAE) and a provider of development processes and software. This internationally active group has five branches in Germany. It also has further locations in India, Japan, Romania, the UK and the US. ...

TECOSIM Business fields

... TECOSIM is a specialist in numerical calculation and simulation. We develop tomorrow’s solutions for the transport, energy, health, and industry & technology sectors. Our state-of-the-art virtual methods allow us to help our customers to save time and costs or achieve a competitive advantage ...



Basildon, United Kingdom
51-100 Employees

Renewables - TECOSIM

... Using numerical calculation and computer simulation, we are able to simulate and improve weather resistance in components as well as the durability and life cycles of systems. ...

Renewables - TECOSIM

Renewable energy – the next generation - TECOSIM

... “TECOSIM is a leader in its field of specialised engineering services, and specifically numerical calculation and simulation,” Robert explained. “With TECOSIM looking to broaden its offering into renewable energy and sustainability, it felt like, and has proven to be, the perfect ...

Renewable energy – the next generation - TECOSIM


Rennes, France
11-50 Employees

Scientific computing: the engineer’s tool

... To achieve that, they use powerful environments for numerical calculation, modelling, simulation and online control such as Matlab (Mathworks) or Scilab (Scilab Enterprises). ...

F2A's Logo


Dagneux, France
51-100 Employees

Nuclear know-how - F2A

... Finally, we collaborate with external expertise laboratories to validate the products’ characteristics : seismic problems (calculation notes, numerical simulation and tests on vibrating table), fatigue tests, acoustic performances according to EN7235… ...

Nuclear know-how - F2A
MDESIGN Vertriebs GmbH's Logo

MDESIGN Vertriebs GmbH

Bochum, Germany
11-50 Employees

MDESIGN at the Simulation Conference 2019

... Discover how to speed up the process of evaluation of performance, reliability and safety of materials and components through the combination of analytical calculation and numerical simulation. MDESIGN and ANSYS combine modern calculation tools with leading simulation technology. ...