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Clean Energy Systems's Logo

Rancho Cordova, United States

11-50 Employees


Based on proven rocket technology, CES oxy-fuel combustion systems produce clean, high-energy gases for use in industrial processes and the generation of electrical power. The incorporation of oxy-fuel combustion technology into conventional power generation systems makes zero-emissions power plants (ZEPPs) based on fossil fuels practical today. ZEPPs have multiple advantages, including compact and lower cost equipment, greater cycle efficiencies with advanced turbines, complete capture of the carbon dioxide (CO2) effluent, and zero emissions (or ultra-low emissions when operating in demand response applications). High pressure, high temperature (HPHT) steam gas generators,. turbo-expanders, reheaters and heat exchangers utilizing proprietary rocket-engine combustion principles.



Image for 
    Technology | Clean Energy Systems | Rancho Cordova ,Ca |

Technology | Clean Energy Systems | Rancho Cordova ,Ca |

... Oxy-fuel combustion has been the propulsion system of choice since the early days of rocket science. Defined as a combustion process in which fuel is mixed with an oxidizer such as pure oxygen, oxy-fuel combustion has been effectively used in solid, liquid, and gaseous combustion ...

Air Products India's Logo

Pune, India

1001-5000 Employees

Air Products touches the lives of consumers around the globe in positive ways every day. Focused on serving energy, environment and emerging markets, we provide essential industrial gases, related equipment and applications expertise to customers in dozens of industries, including refining, chemical, metals, electronics, manufacturing, and food and beverage. We are also the global leader in the supply of liquefied natural gas process technology and equipment. Air Products develops, engineers, builds, owns and operates some of the world's largest industrial gas projects, including gasification projects that sustainably convert abundant natural resources into syngas for the production of high-value power, fuels and chemicals. Founded in 1940, Air Products has built a reputation for its innovative culture, operational excellence and commitment to safety and the environment.



Image for Oxy-fuel Burner Systems for Secondary Non-ferrous Melting

Oxy-fuel Burner Systems for Secondary Non-ferrous Melting

... Available Heat Comparison:  Air-fuel vs. Oxy-fuel Combustion ...


Villasanta, Italy

1-10 Employees


GAGSEN Company comes from the merge of 3 different industrial sectors:• TECHNICAL GASES• MECHANICAL ENGINEERING• INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION. Our company relies on the KNOW-HOW and EXPERIENCE of a multidisciplinary team of professionals, able to offer you the right solutions to all specific technical gases, compressed air and vacuum demands. As a result of coupling standard plants to engineering and tailor-made ones, GASGEN offer results to be extremely flexible and adaptive at each demand. We can therefore be your best partner for the supply of on-site Nitrogen and Oxygen PSA/membrane generators, air systems up to technical gases process plants as mixers, oxy-fuel skids and VOC recovers plants. RESPONSIBILITYWe are convinced that successful businesses improve the human condition.



Core business
Image for Nitrogen and Oxygen generators - GASGEN - On-site gas technology

Nitrogen and Oxygen generators - GASGEN - On-site gas technology

... Oxy-fuel combustion ...

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„Oxy Fuel Combustion“

Oxy-fuel combustion is a combustion technology that uses oxygen and fuel to create a flame. It is used in many industrial processes, such as metal melting and welding, to produce heat and light. The oxygen is usually provided by an air separation unit (ASU), while the fuel is typically a combustible gas such as natural gas, propane, or hydrogen. In oxy-fuel combustion, the combustion process is more efficient and produces fewer emissions than traditional air-fuel combustion.